Romano, falls with the scooter: 30 year old injured and fined

Romano was denounced and fined while, in a state of intoxication, he was doing gymnastics and acrobatics with the electric scooter in Piazza Don Sandro Manzoni. It is a public space closed to the public in this period due to the regulations of the red zone. The man, fined and denounced on the loose, is of Romanian nationality, is 30 years old and resident in the city of the Bassa. Not only fines and lawsuits, but he also got hurt by falling during his performances.

In fact, after probably losing his balance, the man fell to the ground and hurt his head. Someone asked for the intervention of the local police who sent a patrol to the scene. Once the agents arrived, they checked the man’s conditions and asked for an ambulance. For the entire duration of this intervention, the man appeared clearly in a state of intoxication. A condition that can also explain the disastrous fall to the ground.

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