‘Rocks’ immerses us in a little-known London through the life of a teenager


It is a film of mad energy and unfailing authenticity.

Located in the outskirts of London, Rocks, follows the chaotic life of a 15-year-old teenager. The film was shot with non-professional actors: the director’s fierce desire to make fiction look like reality.

“We filmed during the long summer holidays. We were in a school in East London, with the teachers, a few actors, and the children, who were all from the local community. A lot of them got together. knew. And many of them had participated in the workshop. So there was a real solidarity between all, it was like going back to school during the holidays. “

Sarah Gavron


The film follows 15-year-old Shola, nicknamed “Rocks”, who finds herself abandoned by her mother and has to fend for herself with her brother, and the help of her friends in the neighborhood.

For Bukky Bakray, who plays the main role, this kind of film shows those we do not often see on screen

“This lack of representation, it’s pretty sad that a lot of people miss out on that experience to be able to relate to the character, see themselves in the movie and just have that connection. So I think ‘Rocks’ is a movie. that people can really relate to, it will be very enriching for young girls and boys to be able to see themselves on screen and to be able to make this film. “

Bukky Bakray, main actress of the film

Spotted in many festivals in Europe and around the world, Rocks is currently out in Europe. It has been on French screens since September 9.


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