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True to style, Rocío Marengo does not go unnoticed in The academy, the program of Marcelo tinelli. In addition to contributing in what has to do with dance, it gives its dynamics to the previous one and to everything that has to do with the show that surrounds reality. He knows the cloth and from there he handles the threads.

Without going any further, he commented that he was in charge of putting together a WhatsApp group with all the participants and here he generated a topic that he takes advantage of. With just the assembly, he created a great stir. In this sense, he goes for more and allows himself to air certain private issues that happen there. Nobody is saved.

It was Angel de Brito, in which he wanted to know if there were any rules to stay and if each one proposed their own. “I asked that it not be so hot, because it is very strong, there are strong images. They send hot, porn photos “he commented and the questions multiplied.

Immediately, one of the questions was who are the members who send this type of material. Without preamble, Marengo shot: “Luciana Salazar and Lourdes Sánchez, they are both”, remarked.

Immediately the members of LAM they wanted to know if images of them passed or if they were foreign, but here they could not have precision. Although Lourdes and Luciana appear to be the most daring within the group, at the same time, they are prudent. They know how to avoid being exposed.

“They do not know if they are hers because they are specific parts. We do not know”, Rocío commented and then, seeing that she was already talking too much, closed: “I can not air what is said in the chat.”

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