Riesa: Prausitz: Winter magic again, but no concerts

Prussia: Winter magic again, but no concerts

The Advent season in Hirschstein and Stauchitz is heralded with a small Christmas market and pushing pyramids.

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Christmas spirit comes up in Prussia with this candle arch opposite the church. It will be switched on for the first time on Saturday.
© Archive photo: Jürgen Müller

Hirschstein/Stauchitz. After a two-year break due to Corona, the “Winter Magic” will take place again on Saturday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. on the grounds of the Prausitz school. It’s not a “classic” Christmas market, but food and drinks are provided. A tunnel is cut, the children create a stage program. At the same time, an “open day” will take place in the elementary school and in the daycare center. At 4.45 p.m. in the center of Prausitz, opposite the church, another candle arch will be lit, accompanied by a small concert.

On the other hand, the Christmas and New Year’s concerts in the Kulturboden at Hirschstein Castle have been canceled for energy reasons, according to Mayor Conrad Seifert (CDU). “In view of the energy prices, heating the culture floor for two concerts of two hours each is simply too expensive,” said the mayor.

In Staucha, the Advent season is heralded on Saturday with the erection of a pyramid at the church. At 5 p.m. the pyramid is pushed. (SZ/jm)

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