Riders react to crashes in Lenzerheide XC Planet Cup 2022

The XC race at Lenzerheide provided a great deal of drama, in advance of the crash on the last lap robbed equally Nino Schurter and Matthias Fruquiger.

It’s unclear particularly what took place in the woods in between the two riders suitable now, but from a article-race job interview, Mathias Flückiger took the pair just after taking first and 2nd position in the race. Moved against Nino Schurter.

Right after the race, the SRF tells each riders that Nino appeared to be pretty indignant with the incident and advised that Matthias was angry with the rough overtaking among the pair past yr. did.

Matthias Fruquiger informed SRF: Apparently, Matthias even states he discovered from Nino to “drive boldly and overtake.”

In comparison, Nino Schurter advised SRF:

Nino ongoing. “Which is a extremely lousy response from him. That should not take place at the Swiss Planet Cup. I interpret him as declaring he hasn’t survived last year’s defeat but.”

UCI is social media, Matthias added: It is really like that. I believe everybody preferred to gain and was restricted. It can be a race. “

I’ll update this story for extra info about the crash.

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