Ride your bike on a busy highway with your dog tied to the saddle

Caught riding a bike on a highway with the dog tied to the saddle. / Local Police of Granada

In the images, the animal can be seen trotting, on the asphalt and surrounded by high traffic, the reckless cyclist

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The Local Police of Granada has denounced on its social networks, through a video, a
reckless practice committed on the road on two wheels.

The protagonist of the recording is a man who rides a bicycle on the GC-30 motorway, something that is totally prohibited. But that is not all, because the individual, who walks the asphalt surrounded by motor vehicles,
he has his dog tied to the saddle.

The animal was, like this, trotting following the rhythm of this man, on the asphalt and in the middle of the abundant traffic, as can be seen in the images.

Given this, the Local Police of Granada has recreated the facts, stating: “Good morning to everyone except this biker who is not worth endangering his own life circulating on the GR30, but also endangers the life of his furry ».

To later summarize what happened in a few words:
«Irresponsibility raised to its maximum power».

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