Richer Italian crooks thanks to the real estate boom driven by Covid

If globally in 2020 the global population of high-net-worth individual (individuals with investable assets of one million dollars) grew by 6.3%, exceeding the threshold of 20 million, in Italy, there are just over 300,000 individuals, grown by 9.2% compared to 2019.

Looking instead at the assets of HNWIs, in the world it grew by 7.6% in 2020, reaching almost 80 thousand billion dollars while in Italy it reached 593 billion (+ 2.3%).


Super-rich, North America overtakes Asia

According to the indications of the Capgemini report in the world, growth has been supported by the increase in equity markets and by government stimuli, North America has overtaken Asia-Pacific and has become the leader in both number and total wealth.

In Italy the most determining factor was not so much the positive trend of the lists (indeed the market capitalization of Piazza Affari decreased by 6.4%) as the real estate boom driven during Covid by the desire to live in larger homes and with an average increase in values ​​of 5.2%.

In 2020, the ultra-HNWI segment (those with investable assets above $ 30 million) led the overall growth of the HNWI population and wealth, with rates respectively of 9.6%, while the “next door” millionaires had a lower population and wealth growth, between 6% and 8%.

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