Ricardo Arjona attacks inclusive language during one of his concerts

For many people, inclusive language means progress, as a society, in the attempt to recognize and include different gender identities, in addition to eliminating sexist terms; Although its appearance and its use have divided opinions, it is Ricardo Arjona who has caused great controversy by assuring that he considers it a waste of time.

Everything happened during the concert that the Guatemalan offered this weekend in the city of Asunción, in Paraguay; There he spoke about the pandemic and harshly criticized the fact that “vulgar” things had happened during confinement, such as changing the vowels in words.

“32 genres appeared, as if it were important to add genres and not respect what they want to be. People began to appear parading through the streets trying to change the vowels to the words and I would have to greet ‘everyone’ tonight, for example, ”she said.

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Arjona also took the time to talk about the virtual age, social networks and the excessive use of cell phones, which he says has spoiled things and described it as “a lot of wasted time.”

In her brief message, an ally in the struggle of women to achieve better conditions for her gender also said: “People appeared parading through the streets and said that women should win the same as men, and I said: and why? why can’t they win more?”

However, the words of the interpreter of “El problema” were not very well received on the platforms that he criticized so much, and different users accused him of politicizing his music and being intolerant of the LGBT+ community: “What does a taxi driver commenting on gender?”, “Are we talking about the same author of ‘If the North were South’?”, “It’s not about the language, it’s about inclusion”, are just some of the comments that can be read.

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But not everyone was against Arjona, there were also those who applauded his opinion, yes, they did not miss the opportunity to attack his music: “How good what he said, but don’t sing”, “I hate his music, but now I he likes it”, “He doesn’t sing well, but he spoke well”, “I just forgave him for his mediocre music”, they expressed.

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