Rhein-Kreis Neuss / Zons: Scholarships for successful migrants

Rhein-Kreis Neuss awards
Three scholarships for successful migrants

Three young, socially committed migrants from Dormagen and Meerbusch receive monthly support from the Rhein-Kreis for their studies. All of them have just finished high school.

Three high school graduates from the circle can look forward to a special award. The Rhein-Kreis Neuss is again awarding scholarships to successful and socially committed migrants this year. Mahdieh Zad Jahangier Doshanloo from Dormagen, Selin Ecem Altinkaya from Meerbusch and Sayed Rafi Hansai-Kunt from Meerbusch receive 300 euros per month for a bachelor’s or master’s degree as part of the university scholarship.

“We warmly congratulate and are pleased that we can make this scholarship possible again,” said District Administrator Hans-Jürgen Petrauschke. “It is a sign of how well integration of people from foreign countries can succeed, even if all of this is not without burden, effort and exertion,” he continues. “It is a component of our educational work.”

Mahdieh Zad Jahangier Doshanloo from Rheinfeld is one of the scholarship holders. She passed her Abitur at the Leibniz Gymnasium in Hackenbroich. With an average of 1.5, many doors are open to her. “I want to study financial mathematics,” she explains. “It’s a little different than in business mathematics, you specialize in professions in the insurance industry.” Her teacher Nicole Kassanke, head of Q2 at LGD, has known the 18-year-old since the fifth grade – at that time she chose the music and theater focus and was involved in this area during her school days, among other things. “Mahdieh is incredibly diverse, committed and broad-based, has done many internships and has a great portfolio. We were hoping that she had good cards. But I’m really happy that it really worked, ”says Kappanke. “Also under the aspect that these young people still have to work harder than others because of the language barriers, I think it’s great that this is honored with these scholarships.” Mother Daman Darya is also happy about the award. “I’m so proud and happy for Mahdieh,” she says happily. The hard-working high school graduate would like to study in Düsseldorf. “Starting your studies is a big step towards growing up. An apartment of my own would be nice, but not so far away that I can visit my mother regularly. “

Selin Ecem Altinkaya from Meerbusch did her Abitur at Mataré-Gymnasium and achieved an average grade of 1.6. She would like to apply for a law degree, preferably at the University of Münster. “That has always been my dream,” she says. “I am aware that it is difficult, but I want to try it.” The young Turkish woman has lived in Germany since 2017. At first it was difficult to be accepted into a school due to the lack of knowledge of German. She also has a plan B up her sleeve in case law studies are not the right choice: “I would also be interested in dentistry.”

Sayed Rafi Hansai-Kunt came to Germany from Iran in 2015. He lost his parents while on the run. In Gülsüm Kunt he found a committed woman who first took over the guardianship for him and finally adopted him. He completed his Abitur with a grade of 2.5 at the Weingartstraße vocational training center in Neuss. “I want to study medical technology because I can combine my interests in engineering and medicine,” he says.

The project is very successful as Tillmann Lonnes, head of school for the district, reports. “Almost all of them finish their studies.” Hans-Jürgen Petrauschke is happy to be able to help start their career: “With the 300 euros we can enable them to concentrate largely on their studies”.


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