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The Magic Flute ~ Ensemble ~ Staatstheater Darmstadt © Stephan Ernst

Revival: The Nutcracker

With The Nutcracker House choreographer Tim Plegge opened the 2019/20 season at the Hessian State Ballet and was a hit with audiences and critics alike. In a new arrangement of Tchaikovsky’s music, Plegge’s choreography merges everyday Christmas life in the home of the Silberhaus family with the fantasy world of ten-year-old Marie, who has to endure a number of adventures with the toy nutcracker that her godfather Drosselmeier gave her and who has come to life. The fight against the rat army under the evil rat queen and the journey to the promising sugar country are just two stations on Marie’s path of personal development. The ballet version of the Hessian State Ballet distances itself from the libretto of Marius Petipa’s famous narrative ballet and makes reference to the fairy tale template “Nutcracker and the King of Mice” by ETA Hoffmann. Between bizarre playfulness and many surprising moments, the ensemble of the Hessian State Ballet captivates with the stirring choreography by Tim Plegge to the live music of the two state orchestras. In response to the great demand, the Christmas classic will be revived in both state theaters this season.

The Nutcracker


Von: Tim Plegge with music by Pjotr ​​Iljitsch Tschaikowski / from 8 years

Premiere/first performance at the Staatstheater Wiesbaden: 19. October 19
Premiere at the Staatstheater Darmstadt: 16. November 19
Revival at the Staatstheater Darmstadt: 3 December 22
Revival at the Staatstheater Wiesbaden: January 23

Choreography: Tim Foster
Musical direction: John Zahn
Stage: Frank Philipp Schloessmann
Costume: Judith Adam
Licht: Tanya Rühl
Dramaturgy: Karen Dietrich

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Marie: Aurélie Patriarca
Nutcracker: Jorge Moro Argote
My Martha, Rattenkönig: Masayoshi Katori
Drosselmeier: Ramon John
Aunt Cecile: Margaret Howard
Frau Silberhaus: Sayaka Kado
Mr. Silberhaus: Marcos Novais
Fritz: Alessio Damiani
Cousin Victoria: Greta Given
Uncle Leopold: Taulant Shehu
Dolls: Manon Andral, Mei-Yun Lu, Meilyn Kennedy, Kristin Marja Omarsdottir, Kenedy Kallas, Kiran Bonnema, Alessio Pirrone, Rodrigo Moral Judge, Yamil Ortiz
The steering wheel: Marie Ramet, Daniela Castro, Isidora Markovic, Ludmila Komkova, Mirjam Motzke, Marcos Novais, Francesc Nello Deakin, Matthias Vaucher, Tatsuki Takada
Snowflakes: Manon Andral, Isidora Markovic, Tatsuki Takada, Taulant Shehu, Marie Ramet, Alessio Pirrone, Yamil Ortiz, Kristin Marja Omarsdottir, Marcos Novais, Daniel Myers, Mirjam Motzke, Mei-Yun Lu, Kiran Bonnema, Ludmila Komkova, Meilyn Kennedy, Sayaka Kado , Kenedy Kallas, Rodrigo Moral Judge, Margaret Howard, Greta Dato, Alessio Damiani, Daniela Castro, Matthias Vaucher
court: Manon Andral, Kenedy Kallas, Tatsuki Takada, Alessio Pirrone, Francesc Nello Deakin, Rodrigo Judge Moral, Matthias Vaucher, Kiran Bonnema, Yamil Ortiz, Mei-Yun Lu, Marie Ramet, Rita Winder, Isidora Markovic, Ludmila Komkova, Daniela Castro, Kristin Marja Omarsdottir, Meilyn Kennedy, Jiyoung Lee, Daniel Myers
Parents as Indians: Sayaka Kado, Taulant Shehu
Fritz as a pilot: Alessio Damiani
Cousin Sugar Fairy: Greta Given
Horse: Margaret Howard, Marcos Novais
flower rush: Manon Andral, Isidora Markovic, Francesc Nello Deakin, Alessio Pirrone, Rodrigo Moral Judge, Yamil Ortiz, Kiran Bonnema, Ludmila Komkova, Lucy May, Tatsuki Takada, Mei-Yun Lu, Daniela Castro, Kristin Marja Omarsdottir, Marie Ramet, Meilyn Kennedy, Kenedy Kallas, Matthias Vaucher
Hammond organ: Waldemar Martynel, Ralph Abelein
12 Kinder: Aaleksandra Djirki, Anna Mohr, Carla Jägemann, Filippa Malmus, Iva Garruccio, Jasmin Gomaa, Johanne Panthöfer, Juna Schwendy, Lilian Bergner, Lilith Walliser, Luise Lauterbach, Nele Gnadt

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resume: The Magic Flute

Karsten Wiegand presents Mozart’s classics in a refreshing reading The Magic Flute once again to shine, in the center of which the children’s chamber choir of the Staatstheater Darmstadt provides a lively and cheerful entrance.

The Magic Flute

Family version of the opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Premiere: 26. October 18
resume: Sunday 11 November 22 (4:00 p.m.)

Musical direction: Johannes Zahn / Jan Croonenbroeck
Director: Karsten Wiegand and Dirk Schmeding
Stage: Bärbl Hohmann
Costume: Andrea Fisser


Sarastro: Johannes Seokhoon Moon
Queen of the Night: Rebekka Maeder / Jasmin Delfs
Pamina: Jana Baumeister / Catherine Lange
Tamino: David Lee
Papageno: Georg Festl / David Pichlmaier / Julian Orlishausen
Papagena: Olivia Yang
1. Dame: Cathrin Lange / Rebekka Reister (guest)
2. Dame: Solgerd Isalv / KS Katrin Gerstenberger
3. Dame: Anja Bildstein / Lena Sutor-Wernich
Monostats: Michael Pegher

Opera Choir of the Staatstheater Darmstadt
Children’s and youth choir of the Staatstheater Darmstadt
Darmstadt State Orchestra

concerts etc:

Advent concert for seniors
Instrumentalverein Darmstadt
Presenter: Iris Stromberger
Solist: Brett Carter
Ballet of the Edith Stein School
Sun. 4 Dec 22 (10:30 am, Big House

4th Chamber Concert 2022/2023
Maurice Ravel Quartet for two violins, viola and cello in F major op. 35
Anton von Webern Slow Movement for String Quartet
Ludwig van Beethoven String Quartet in B flat major op. 130
With: Leonkoro Quartet
Thursday, December 8, 2022 Orangery Darmstadt

Outrageous! – Pauline Viardot-Garcia
Works by Pauline Viardot Garcia
With Kammersängerin Katrin Gerstenberger and pianist Irina Skhirtladze we meet the composer Pauline Viardot-Garcia. The composer and singer, who was born 200 years ago, is considered one of the most influential musical personalities of the 19th century. Different artistic talents were united in her, she played a decisive role in shaping European cultural life as a cosmopolitan and she brought together the most exciting people of her time in her evening salons.
Gesang: KS Katrin Gerstenberger
Klavier: Irina Skhirtladze
Thursday, December 8, 2022 (chamber plays)

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Soli fan tutti – 4th concert 22/23
Franz Schubert string trios in B flat major D111a and D471, “Gesänge des Harfners” op. 12 D 478 arranged for baritone and string trio by Peter Gilbert (UA)
Malcolm Arnold “Grand Fantasia” for flute, clarinet and piano
Oliver Kolb Sonata for clarinet and piano “Hommage à Poulenc” (UA)
George Enescu Octet in C major for strings op. 7
Sunday, December 11, 2022 (11:00 a.m., Foyer Large House)

sound kitchen
Musical encounters from the international sound kitchen
Tuesday, December 13, 2022 (Chamber Plays)

Christmas with Daterich
A sensual evening with the Hessian play community
“How the Datterich is in the sky is”: That’s what the Hessian gaming community would like to tell at the end of 2022, based on a text by Robert Schneider. Cheerful, contemplative, insightful. The daterich is immortal!
Furnishing: Marga Hargefeld
Monday, December 26, 2022 (Boxing Day (Chamber Plays)

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