results of the first day of EdCrunch 2022

Yesterday Almaty hosted the first day of the international conference on technologies and hi-tech products in education EdCrunch Reload: Merging mind and technology, Delovoy Kazakhstan reports.

EdCrunch is a global event that annually presents the main vectors of development in the field of educational technologies and the possibilities of using digital tools that transform the learning process. The conference was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the event was co-organized by the AITAS holding.

EdCrunch Reload 2022 was attended by 350 Kazakh and foreign speakers – experts in the field of new educational technologies, representatives of educational organizations of all levels, L&D specialists, leading practitioners in the field of corporate training and representatives of business companies involved in investment and development in EdTech. More than 5,000 participants and spectators focused on discussions on key areas such as designing educational experiences, quality of learning, the role of the teacher, the use of digital tools, and the innovative transformation of the educational environment that meets the needs.

Increasing opportunities for quality and affordable education with the support of the entrepreneurial environment and the subsequent building of an innovation ecosystem became one of the main topics of the conference. According to experts – participants of the conference, today education and investment in human capital are becoming key priorities for the Kazakhstani business community.

Important actions in this direction are measures to reduce the gap between rural and urban schools in terms of their scientific and material and technical bases. Thus, since 2019, the Sustainable Education Development Foundation, with the support of the AITAS holding and together with NIS, has launched the educational program “Rural School Powered by NIS”, which includes the introduction of high-quality teaching methods, advanced training of teachers, equipping schools with new equipment and other factors for the development of education in villages.

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“Creativity, mathematics and ethics are the three main aspects of the education of the future. Creativity is what digital systems will never do, mathematics is the basis for these digital things, and ethics is what should bind them. To teach and develop a person, these three areas are necessary. The educational program implemented by the AITAS holding is aimed at transferring modern teaching technologies from NIS to rural schools and updating their material base to higher standards. In order to receive good knowledge and grades, students must have all the conditions for comfortable and modern learning. Only then will they be able to fully learn and increase their knowledge.” Serik Tolukpaev, founder of the AITAS holding and the Foundation for the Sustainable Development of Education

He also supported the topic of the importance of ethics in education in his speech. Randy Michael Testa, Associate Director of the PreK-16 Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He noted that it is thanks to ethics that children learn to communicate correctly with each other. The creation and awareness of equal rules helps in the development of moral and ethical qualities, since it is at school that children first of all learn how to live in the world around them.

During the discussion, special attention was paid to the issues of updating the learning processes and the range of modern educational needs and priorities. Ensuring the availability of quality school education, creating positive emotional conditions in the learning process and technological modernization of secondary education will allow the younger generation to become equal participants in the educational process, regardless of location.

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“There is a great differentiation between cities and villages, where a large number of talented children also live, and the development of education should be directed to the regions. The Fund for Sustainable Development of Rural Areas and the Fund for Sustainable Development of Education of the AITAS Holding, established by our founder Serik Tolukpaev, are engaged in this very direction. Education can indeed become the main factor that will lead the social and economic development of remote territories. Evgeny Panov, General Director of JSC Aitas KZ

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