Restore life?Brain cells brought back to life

The brain is an integral organ of the human body. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Millions of people around the world are currently waitingorganTransplantation, after many people suffer accidental death, they will leave their loved ones in the form of organ donation, but they often fall into the predicament of shortage of supply. In a study last year, scientists encountered a “reverse death” situation in experiments and successfully restored the cell function of vital organs.

Brain Death and Organ Donation

“Brain death” is a medical standard for diagnosing death. The so-called brain death refers to “brain stem death”, which is the irreversible cessation of all brain activities. This means no brain activity at all and no return of brain activity.
Brain death makes the brain unable to function, but because the heartbeat is still there, other organs can still function with the support of the life support system. Coupled with the advancement in the field of medical transplantation, organs can be preserved to the greatest extent and organ donations can be made.

Scientists ‘reverse death’ by bringing eyes back to life

Scientists removed eyes from organ donors five hours after death and found that the cells responded to bright lights, colored lights and even very dim flashes of light.

“We were able to wake up photoreceptor cells in the human macula, the part of the retina that is responsible for our core vision and allows us to see fine detail and color,” said Dr. “Part of the death represents a loss of neuronal activity. Scientists have been investigating how to reverse this neuronal activity and bring life back to the organs of the deceased.

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Scientists revive dead organ cells

In a 2019 experiment, scientists at Yale University removed the brains of dead animals and connected them to a perfusion device that simulated a heartbeat. In the experiment, they revived the brains of animals 4 hours after death, questioning the idea that brain death is the final result.

In August 2022, the same team from Yale University in the United States published the latest research in the journal Nature. Scientists used a treatment method involving synthetic blood to successfully restore the health of multiple vital organs 1 hour after the pig died. Some of the functions of cells, which enable normal blood flow and cellular function throughout the body, challenge the idea that death is irreversible, while also raising ethical questions about the definition of death.

The scientists used animal blood and artificial hemoglobin to mix with OrganEx, a solution that includes anti-inflammatory drugs, neuroleptics (to prevent regaining consciousness), nutrients and anti-cell death drugs. Breaking through years of research, the project saw scientists resurrect brain cells from dead pigs using a precursor solution, BrainEx.

When a person’s heart stops beating, the lack of oxygen quickly damages cells throughout the body, and the new discovery could open up the possibility of extending the lifespan of the organ, potentially saving the lives of thousands of people around the world who need transplants.

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