Restaurants, pubs and concert halls criticize the rush and fear an increase in cancellations

Larger spaces, such as pavilions – tomorrow is Aitana’s concert at the Prince Felipe and on Sunday the Casademont Femenino plays – or stadiums such as La Romareda or El Alcoraz set the objective of avoiding crowds in the tickets, something that they do not rule out in concert halls or other places of affluence.

The president of the Provincial Association of Entrepreneurs of Party Rooms, Dance and Discotheques of Zaragoza, Alberto Campuzano, believes that the passport will cause a certain “chaos” at the doors of the nightclubs. “And to top it all, it is not going to make our premises safer. It’s all a joke », he stated.

The subject, admitted Fernando Martín, president of the Confederation of Hospitality and Tourism Entrepreneurs of Aragon, is «really complex». “There is no doubt that will affect company lunches and dinners“, said.

In his understanding, it would have been «more interesting»Promote an awareness campaign«deeper»Instead of having put the hospitality industry«as a shield». The industry is visibly upset with the DGA and does not understand the rush. Their representatives yesterday demanded a moratorium to the Executive until next week, a request that was not heard by Health.

“It is very difficult to explain this measure to the partners. What is meant by celebration? What do we do if someone presents a forged passport? We understand that they try to find solutions so as not to grow older, but this is not going to be an effective way, “he said.

Along these lines, the president of the Association of Cafes and Bars of Zaragoza and Province, José María Marteles, believes that the measure may even be “unconstitutional.” The positive part, he added, is that the Executive seems willing not to return to the restrictions of capacity and hours to stop the infections. «We have to convince clients that this is a measure that had to be taken and that if not, Christmas is going to be very ugly. What is not understood is that there is no national guideline», He stated.

«You can’t do things overnight», Lamented Chema Fernández, president of the Professional Association of Music Promoters of Aragón, who considered the option to cut schedules and capacity more positive than the option, but expressed concern about how they should control access and advanced the possibility that there would be spectators who do not want to present the document and to whom the ticket will have to be returned. “I had to contact the sales system to notify everyone of this new requirement. So far, there have been no reactions, but there are constantly scheduled concerts», He pointed out. However, he stressed, they will strictly comply with all sanitary guidelines.

From the Zaragoza City Council they indicated that, after receiving the corresponding order, both in the Auditorium and in the Principal Theater -where this week ‘The call‘, today with all tickets sold out- work is already underway to test, check and design the entire system necessary so that it can be applied normally. In the event that someone does not want to present the certificate or does not have it to access the theater, they can request a refund of the entrance fee.

Objective: avoid crowds

Large sports teams must also request this document. One of the first to release it will be the Casademont Femenino. «The priority is that infections do not occur, and we have always kept this in mind», Assured Javier Gastón, manager of Casademont Zaragoza, who recalled that there has always been an attempt to educate subscribers so that they are vaccinated. With this new measure, they plan to reinforce staff at the entrances «to avoid long queues“And they will also ask subscribers to”come with some advance».

For its part, Real Zaragoza is waiting to see «what are the indications of the authorities»Y« cHow do you act in those venues that will host matches before” that they. They recalled that “they have always complied with health regulations” and that in the Carlos Lapetra Trophy match this certificate had to be required. At SD Huesca they are studying «formulas that speed up access to the stadium». This was stated by Manolo Torres, CEO, who did not hesitate to adapt, as has been done all this time, “to health guidelines.”


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