Respect for all animals

One of the main tasks of animal protection associations is to promote and encourage respect for everybody For this reason, we constantly launch awareness campaigns seeking to change the way of thinking of society regarding the adoption of dogs and cats and to put it as an option over the purchase, as this only encourages the exploitation of these species.

It is very interesting to see that change in society, because now the people in our community have a mind and a heart more open to the adoption of animals but now what if I have already decided and adopted? Well, as we already know, it is a long-term commitment because it is more than “just an animal”, it is another member of the family and it is important to cover its physiological and affective needs. That is why it is necessary that when adopting you take into account the following:


1. Take him to your trusted veterinarian for a general check-up and to determine if he is suitable for his first deworming and vaccinations. Remember that the vaccination schedule for a puppy normally begins with 3 vaccines, one every fifteen days and then annually, the rabies vaccine is not the only one or the most important for its health, remember that there are diseases of each species that deserve more attention for its prevention. It also gives priority to sterilization to prevent their reproduction and thus not contribute to canine and feline overpopulation.

2. Assigning him a place to sleep, sometimes it can take time to adapt especially if he is a puppy, if you give him a bed or a blanket, he will most likely accept it and decide to settle there. If he is young and cries, try putting a stuffed toy or something that makes him feel safe.

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3. Buy a plate for water and another for food itself that you must wash daily as you do with the family dishes, they also require hygiene.


4. Remember to provide basic training by delineating the places where you can and cannot be. If it is complicated, you can hire the services of a professional in the area.

5. It tries to cover its needs for exercise, food and affection according to its species. A bored animal can cause damage and therefore anger and frustration on the part of the owner and we do not want it to end up abandoned.

Remember that a dog, a cat or any other animal that we have decided to adopt as a company, is a living, sentient being with needs that we must cover, and again, it is one more member of our family that we must take care of and protect as we do. with ours.

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