Resistance fighters in Panjshir: ‘We will defend our villages against the Taliban’

Other visitors and residents also call the valley peaceful. “We follow our daily routine,” said resident Abdul Nabi. “When the war breaks out, we will defend our villages, our honor and our flag.”

Residents tell the Afghan news channel TOLO that prices have risen sharply as the access road is controlled by the Taliban. The people the NOS spoke to did not notice this yet. “Food such as oil and flour and even fuel arrive daily. The prices are as usual,” says shopkeeper Jan Agha.

When asked whether the people in Afghanistan are not tired of fighting, Councilor Hamid reacts indignantly. “You should ask the people if they are willing to endure a Taliban regime with whipping, executions, murders, insults and poverty. We are ready to negotiate, and have taken the first step. We will not attack unless the Taliban attack us. But the Taliban should not think that they can dominate people by force; we will not allow that.”

Hamid also had a request to European countries. “We need your financial and political support.”


As it stands, the resistance front is unlikely to be able to withstand a large-scale attack by the Taliban, who now control most of the Afghan military’s weapons and vehicles. But the Taliban are also committed to negotiations for the time being. After all, they say they want to form an inclusive government, with members from all different ethnic groups, with the aim of lasting peace.

If it were possible to reach an agreement with the resistance fighters in Panjshir, that goal would be much closer.

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