Rescuers had to wait until they had shaved the fur of this little dog rescued after neglect before discovering its breed

The RSPCA does a remarkable job of rescuing poor animals. This case broke the hearts of the volunteers, but thanks to their dedication, it is now transformed and ready to enter a new home.

In June 2022, agents of the RSPCA were entrusted with an elderly dog ​​in poor condition named Moses. The unfortunate had been picked up by a good Samaritan near a house on the outskirts of Derby au UK.

It was then impossible for caregivers to determine his race. Indeed, his fur was terribly matted, which caused him severe skin pain.

“The magnitude of what we were facing became apparent once the veterinary team started working on Moses’ coat. He was covered in urine and feces. He smelled really bad”explained a spokesperson for the association to the Mirror.

“During the treatments, we made an astonishing discovery”

The animal doctors took more than 2 hours to completely shave the coat of Moses. He had been placed under light sedation in order to minimize the risks due to his old age. It was therefore necessary to be delicate, because he suffered terribly from his inflammation of the skin.

“A cocktail stick was found embedded in his hair”revealed the spokesperson.

Once rid of the weight of its coat, Moses was a completely different dog. It turned out to be an adorable Shih Tzu about 9 years old.

He was cured of mild anemia and joined the shelter.

Illustration of the article: Rescuers had to wait until they had shaved the fur of this small dog rescued after neglect before discovering its breed

According to the vet, Moses had to be neglected for several years to end up in this terrible state. Investigators from the RSPCA discovered that the animal belonged to a seriously ill old man.

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“It was clear that Moses had been part of the family for a long time, but his owner was trying to cope with significant health issues and things had become too much for him to handle. He kindly gave us his dog so that he could benefit from the best care »said the inspector Pamela Bird.

Today, Moses takes full advantage of his new physical condition and eagerly awaits the arrival of his adopters.

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