RESCUERS ⟩ Dog stuck in gate – News

Rescuers freed the dog’s paw from the fence seven minutes after calling the emergency center.

Since the paw of the animal was frozen, the hostess took the pet to a warm room.

A window sill broken by the wind threatened cars

On the evening of January 13, the alarm center was informed that on the third floor of a house on Kreenholmi Street, the wind had half torn off a tin window sill that threatened cars parked in front of the house.

Since the windows did not open, the owner could not remove the window tin himself. Rescuers eliminated the dangerous situation before midnight.

Wood chipping machine on fire

On January 12, in the afternoon, rescuers were called to Teestuse Street in Sillamäe, where a wood chipper caught fire.

Rescuers in less than an hour brought under control the fire on the car burning with an open flame. Since the oil caught fire, fire foam was used to extinguish the fire.


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