Rescued from China’s Dog Meat Festival, Cain is looking for a new family

Rescued from a Chinese slaughterhouse, Cain is totally unrecognizable today. After his rescue, this dog had come close to the worst again when his health deteriorated, but he survived it. Now he is looking for a loving family.

During the summer of 2021, the association NoToDogMeat intervened during the infamous ” Yulin Lychee and Dog Meat Festival “, in the South of China, to try to save a maximum of animals.

She had managed to negotiate the release of 21 dogs held in a butcher’s shop, including a male named, later, Cain. The latter was in very bad shape because of the atrocious conditions in which he and his fellows lived.

« We had no idea where he came from, but from the deep sadness in his eyes, it was clear he had been in pain for a long time. “, recount Julia de Cadenet, director of NoToDogMeat, to Daily Mail.

NoToDogMeat / Facebook

She adds that most of the dogs were ” lethargic and weak “. The hardest, according to Julia de Cadenet, was to choose those who could be saved.

The unfortunate quadrupeds were kept in a bare enclosure without light, food or water, details the head of the association. They were dragged one by one to be killed “. Many of these dogs were most likely stolen, as they wore collars.

Narrowly saved by vets

In December, 6 months after being released from the hell of Yulin, the state of health of Cain has declined sharply. He might not even survive it. The veterinarians of NoToDogMeat managed to save him, however.

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NoToDogMeat / Facebook

Today, Cain is doing well and is now ready for a fresh start. The association is looking for a loving family for him so that he can finally live the happy life he deserves.

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