Repair of the M-7 Volga highway in the Vladimir region is almost 40% completed

Two drug addicts caught a goldfish. She told them: – Release me and I will fulfill any three of your wishes. They are, they say, cool, lucky. Well, the first one: – I want a long nose, so that butterflies sit on it. He has grown a long nose. – I want big ears so that I can clap these butterflies on my nose. He grew big ears. – And now I want a long tongue so that I can lick butterflies from my nose. He grew a long tongue. All three wishes are over, it’s time for the second. Well, without hesitation, he said: – I want, – he says, – Merce 600, a trunk full of bucks and a stunned chick. The first, so dumbfounded: – What, you can?

another joke!

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