Renato Zero, Circus Maximus, Rome, tickets, lineup, 23 September 2022

Renato Zero will perform on Friday 23 September 2022 at the Circus Maximus, in Rome, with the first of the scheduled dates, to celebrate his 70th birthday together with the beloved public. He himself in April, had shared the joy of the thrill of being able to sing, for the first time in his career, right in the magnificent setting of the Circus Maximus:

Seventy zero
Our unmissable party.
For the first time at the Circus Maximus!
23, 24, 25 and 30 September 2022

Given the great response obtained from the pre-sales of tickets, further dates have been added, in total 6. Moreover, Renato Zero’s program was to celebrate in the year of his 70 years, in 2020, but then Covid arrived which interrupted the programs of all and the lives of each artist:

During the last stage of his tour, Zero il folle, at the end of January 2020, Renato Zero revealed to the public that he wanted to celebrate his 70 years with a great concert in his beloved Rome. Then, unfortunately, what we know well: the arrival of Covid-19 in Italy and around the world with the forced stop at all live shows and concerts. At that point, Renato Zero cancels the expected event and gets to work on new songs. The “Zerosettanta” project comes out, which has 39 unreleased songs and three total discs. Three different release dates: 30 September, 30 October and 27 November 2020. It starts from VolumeTre, up to the One, as the usual countdown in its concerts.

Here, below, all the information and previews on Renato Zero’s first concert, at the Circus Maximus in Rome, scheduled for Friday 23 September 2022.

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Renato Zero at the Circus Maximus, Rome, 23 September 2022, Tickets

As reported by Vivaticket, tickets are still available for the date of September 23, 2022 at the price of 74.20 euros. Click here for all information and to purchase.

Renato Zero at the Circus Maximus, Rome, 23 September 2022, Scaletta

Mystery about lineup of the concert by Renato Zero at the Circus Maximus but, as underlined by the organization of these live events, there will be the opportunity to listen to the greatest hits of the artist:

There are six appointments with RENATO ZERO and his spectacular live ZEROSETTANTA: a new date, that of Wednesday 28 September 2022, extends and continues the incredible collective celebrations in the imposing setting of the Circus Maximus for the celebration of Zero’s 55-year career. A sixth, sparkling chapter for the exciting and magical tale of ZEROSETTANTA: 6 unique events produced by Tattica, with an ever-changing lineup to retrace the artistic history of RENATO ZERO, relive the songs of the entire repertoire of the great Roman artist, from the 70s to date, and let yourself be conquered once again by the special surprises that Zero has in store for its audience.

What can we listen to, then? Certainly there will be great classics such as “Look for me”, “The sky”, “In the gardens that no one knows”, “The best years of our life”, “Beaches”, “La favola mia”, Il carrozzone “,” Triangolo ” , “I sell myself”, “How much I love you”, “Still here”, “Higher”, “The wounded angel”, “The sublime love” and “Back to the wall”

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Act of faith, the songwriter’s latest work

Atto di fede is the latest recording project by Renato Zero, consisting of 19 unpublished sacred music. And he himself told it like this:

Act of faith is a challenge. We had forgotten about God for a long time, we have not frequented him anymore, we have not let ourselves be frequented by him. We have let indifference, apathy, intellectual fatigue prevent us from reaching him (…) it is preferable to play three numbers to the totip to reach that serenity that instead we would have guaranteed with little expense, throwing the thought every so often through the clouds and looking for this God to thank him for the pain. Because through pain we understand ourselves, we understand serenity and we appreciate it even more after stumbling in the dark.

Circus Maximus, Rome, how to get there by public transport and by car

Here’s how to get to the Circus Maximus in Rome for the Renato Zero concert:

In metro
From Roima Termini station: Metro line B, direction Lurentina, Circo Massimo stop

In tram
From Roma Termini station: Tram 3, Aventino-Albania stop

On the bus
From Roma Termini station: bus 75 (Poerio / Marino), Circo Massimo stop

If you arrive by car instead, from the Roma Termini station take Via Marsala and Via Giovanni Giolitti towards Via Cavour. Turn left and follow Via Cavour then Via degli Annibaldi and Via Nicola Salvi up to Piazza del Colosseo. Take Via Celio Vibenna, continue on Via di San Gregorio in the direction of Viale Aventino.

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Some roads may be inaccessible due to major events such as the Renato Zero concert.

Here are further details reported by Roma Mobilità:

On the days of the concerts, traffic closures will start from 5pm on via dei Cerchi and via del Circo Massimo, from piazzale La Malfa to via di Santa Maria in Cosmedin. From 8 pm the closure will also be completed in the opposite direction. Also from 5 pm the bus lines in the area will be diverted.

More specifically, on Friday 23, Wednesday 28 and Friday 30 September, and Saturday 1 October, lines C3, 81, 118, 160, 628, 715 and nMC will be diverted.

On the evenings of Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 September, a detour will also affect connections 51, 85 and 87 (lines diverted for the pedestrianization of via dei Fori Imperiali).

Finally, on Fridays and Saturdays, metros A, B, B1 and C follow the extended timetable, with the last runs from the terminus at 1.30 am. Precisely on Fridays and Saturdays, the evening works that are affecting metro A are suspended.

The other days of the week, on the metro B / B1 and C the last runs are at 11.30 pm. On the A, last runs at 9pm then, until 11.30pm, bus instead of trains along the entire Anagnina-Battistini route.

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