Remírez says, about the concerts with differentiated education, that “we have to fulfill the LOMLOE”

At the press conference after the Executive session, Remírez pointed out that “the work and collaboration that exists between the Ministry of Education and the Department of the Government of Navarra is guided above all by a principle of legality, we have to comply with what marks the reference standard, the LOMLOE “.

As he added, “at the time of any action we have to be guided by legal certainty when making decisions and reaching a point of maximum consensus, thinking in this case of the interests of schoolchildren.”

Remírez has indicated that “the horizon set by the LOMLOE indicates moving towards eradicating or avoiding any scenario that involves segregation not only in terms of sex, but other types of issues that may involve segregation, such as when students from certain social classes accumulate in a single center, which is an implication that we have as the Government of Navarra and give instructions so that this does not occur “.

The spokesperson stated that “this is an issue that is being worked on by the Department of Education and with all the groups and centers affected.” “Of course we have to act in accordance with the norm, which is the LOMLOE, and with the maximum degree of legal certainty and preserving the affected groups, especially children,” he added.

Remírez has wondered if Navarra Suma “wants us to break the rule.” “Any government has to adhere to compliance with the norm and we as a government comply with the norm, it is the basis of everything. From there, we will try the maximum possible consensus with the educational communities that may be affected,” he said, to influence in which “I do not know if Navarra Suma asks us to declare ourselves insubordinate to compliance with the law, I do not think it will raise it.”

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In this sense, he stated that “there is no crusade” with this issue, “but we have to advance in spaces of equal opportunities, in spaces of excellence of educational quality.”


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