Remember, squeezing breasts is not the cause of cancer

AKURAT.CO Many rumors circulated related to health. One of them is the habit of squeezing the breast which is believed to cause breast cancer.

Rumors of course cause unrest, especially among women. As a result, if a woman has a lump in the breast, she associates it with the habit of squeezing the breast so that she panics and thinks it is cancer, even though the lump is not necessarily cancer.

According to health experts, about 5-10 percent of the incidence of breast cancer is associated with genetically inherited gene mutations. In addition, there are also several risk factors for breast cancer, namely:


The incidence of breast cancer in women is much higher than in men. In men it only occurs 1 percent annually.


Along with increasing age, the risk of breast cancer increases.

Family History of Breast Cancer

If one or more people in your family have a history of cancer, you need to be vigilant. In addition, if one side of the breast has had breast cancer, it is possible for the other side of the breast to also get cancer.


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