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Second state exam

Please note the following information if you want to register for an exam:

  • The State Examination Office sends the persons to be examined a registration form by e-mail in good time.
  • The registration form must be filled out completely digitally and submitted in printed form with the written elaboration in triplicate to the respective main seminar leader in the State Institute for Schools by the deadline.
  • The title of the written elaboration submitted must match the task specified in the registration form.
  • At the end of the written elaboration, it must be assured that it was prepared independently and that no other aids than those specified were used. Please use the form available online for this purpose.
  • If the notification for the examination/submission of the written elaboration is sent by post, the date of the postmark is decisive.
  • A liaison officer can be specified with the registration for the examination. If a liaison officer is not nominated, a subsequent nomination is not possible. If the liaison officer specified in the notification is ill or unable to attend, please use the form available online if the liaison officer is to be substituted for all upcoming exams.
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