Regional financial capital is invested in the education of children – Region 64

In 2022, 2036 families used the regional maternity capital in the Saratov region.

This measure appeared thanks to the federal project “Financial support for families at the birth of children” of the national project “Demography”.

Regional maternity capital can be used in four ways. This is the improvement of living conditions, payment for the education of children both in an educational organization and from an individual entrepreneur, the purchase of goods and services for the social adaptation and integration of children with disabilities into society, gasification of an individual residential building or a block of buildings.

In 2022, most often, parents directed maternity capital to the education of their children. 1235 families took advantage of this opportunity, 795 improved their living conditions.

“Regional maternity capital is one of the important measures of social support for families with children. It can be obtained by residents of the region who have given birth or adopted a third or subsequent child. To date, the amount of regional maternity capital is 120,151.67 rubles,” Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection Olga Morozova told Region 64 news agency.

Since 2015, 11849 families have used the regional maternity capital. In total, 863 million rubles were allocated for this support measure, including 149 million transferred in 2022.

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