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Tenerife left good options to play the promotion in Alcorcón, where they suffered a scandalous arbitration. Two clear penalties were stopped from the blue and white team and also a local footballer had to be expelled. As if that were not enough, Baraja’s team had a goal canceled in the 95th minute for offside.

The coach surprised in the composition of the eleven. As usual, he did not opt ​​for a great revolution but to introduce the tweaks in a dropper: this time the big surprise was the ownership of Álex Muñoz on the right. Once again, Bermejo was a substitute.

Tenerife and Alcorcón faced the stake as their last train heading to the ‘play off’. Whoever lost would be derailed with two days remaining.

The first 45 minutes showed a local team much more comfortable than the representative, which took a world to reach. But it greatly conditioned the arbitration, among other reasons because the referee Ocón Arráiz left a penalty favorable to the Blue and Whites without whistling. And because he loaded Aitor Sanz and Lasure with cards too early. The standard for the locals was not the same, who saw how the second forgave Boateng.

There were approaches in both directions but a clearer occasion than any other, that of Dani Gómez who destroyed a defense under sticks.

Aware that the 0-0 almost led them to insignificance in the final days, both teams risked in the resumption. Tenerife was better … but the referee separated him from the victory. Now wait for a miracle.

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