Recruitment of participants for “Hankyu Hanshin Dream Town Challenge Team 2021” -Experiential learning program for elementary school students during the summer vacation. This time, we are making it possible to participate from home. ~ | Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Inc. Press Release

The Hankyu Hanshin Dream Town Challenge Corps provides a variety of “work experience” and “learning” opportunities for elementary school students during the summer vacation by making use of the various businesses, facilities, and human resources of the Group. This effort isPart of the “Hankyu Hanshin Future Dream Town Project”, a social contribution activity that the entire group works on so that the area along the Hankyu Hanshin line becomes a “town that wants to live in the future.”As a corporate group that is a member of the local community, we have been implementing it since 2010
to support the healthy growth of children who will bear the future of the city.

Last year, the event was postponed in view of the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

This year, from the perspective of preventing the spread of the new coronavirus, we will implement all programs online for the first time so that many children can safely participate from home. Specifically, we have a variety of challenges for children with programs unique to our group, such as facility information for vehicle factories and Koshien, cooking classes under the guidance of hotel chefs and pastry chefs, and video lectures by professional announcers and cameramen. Offers the opportunity.

In addition, the online event “Yume / Machi x Stajimo Children’s Learning Week” that was held this spring was well received, so we will re-implement some of the programs. In addition, more children will be able to participate in the new painting recruitment program “Let’s draw! Original SDGs poster” and “Let’s draw! Such a nice future department store” that all applicants can participate in. Provides opportunities for learning and experience.
The details are as follows.

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About “Hankyu Hanshin Dream Town Challenge Team 2021”

Hankyu Hanshin Dream Town Challenge Team 2021


By utilizing the various businesses and human resources of the Group to provide elementary school students with various opportunities for “work experience” and “learning” during the summer vacation, the vocational outlook and future dreams of children who will bear the future of the city And support healthy growth.
3. 3.Implementation period

July 27 (Fire) ~ August 29 (Sun), 2021

* The application period for the painting recruitment program, which all applicants can participate in, is from June 11th (Friday) to August 31st (Tuesday), 2021.

We will prepare 26 kinds of online programs and 2 kinds of painting recruitment programs that everyone can participate in so that elementary school students can tackle their own dreams and new challenges. * Refer to the reference materials for the program list.

Five.Recruitment target Elementary school students (however, parents must be present)

6.Number of applicants 694 elementary school students * Lottery if there are many applications

7. 7.Fee

Free participation (please pay the communication fee by yourself)
8. 8.Application method
We accept it on the homepage of “Hankyu Hanshin Dream Town Challenge Team 2021”.[Search by Yume / Machi Challenge Corps]

* Application period: June 11th (Friday) -June 22nd (Tuesday), 2021
9.Implementation system
Organizer: Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Inc.

Co-sponsored by: Each program host company (see reference materials)

Sponsors: Kyoto City Board of Education, Mukai City Board of Education, Nagaoka Kyoto City Board of Education, Oyamazaki Town Board of Education, Osaka City Board of Education, Toyonaka City Board of Education, Ikeda City Board of Education, Fukida City Board of Education , Takatsuki City Board of Education, Ibaraki City Board of Education, Minami City Board of Education, Settsu City Board of Education, Shimamoto Town Board of Education, Toyono Town Board of Education, Kobe City Board of Education, Amagasaki City Board of Education, Nishinomiya City Board of Education, Ashiya City Board of Education, Itami City Board of Education, Takarazuka City Board of Education, Kawanishi City Board of Education, Inagawa Town Board of Education (22 cities and towns along the Hankyu Hanshin Line)
Ten.Contact information from customers
Hankyu Hanshin Future Dream / Town Project Secretariat

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(Hankyu Hanshin Holdings, Inc., Human Resources and General Affairs Office, Sustainability Promotion Department, Social Contribution)

TEL: 06-6373-5086 (month to gold, 9:00 to 12:00, 13:00 to 17:00)

Reference materials:

Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Inc.

Publisher: Hankyu Hanshin Holdings



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