Recognized national actress is sweeping the small screen

An outstanding national actress is sweeping the small screen Well, it appears in three soap operas in the afternoon and on different channels. Let us remember that most of the channels have opted to re-release successful productions that marked the 90s and 2000s, such as ‘Rompecorazones’, ‘Adrenalina’ or ‘Romané’.

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Thanks to this dynamic, there is a beloved actress who coincided in three soap operas in the afternoon. Do you know who we are talking about?

A good moment

The interpreter who is tuned to three channels at the same time is Catalina Guerra, who returned to the screen to be part of the season of ‘Hidden Truths’, a production in which he gives life to Agustina Mackenna, after the 25-year jump that I experienced the plot.

Tasting Guerra

If you are one of the followers of this actress, you can tune in to the TVN signal that brought back the iconic production ‘Amores de Mercado’ or Channel 13, which is broadcasting ‘Adrenalina’. Now if you prefer, you can choose to see the history of Mega, which surprises us with something new every day. You can not miss it!

‘Market loves’

Last September 20, the state signal rerun this successful production. Remember that this story was released for the first time in 2001 and Catalina Guerra was part of it.

During this story, the interpreter gave life to Antonia, one of the workers of the Ruttenmeyer company. Although, his character initially falls in love with Ignacio, a role assumed by Luciano Cruz-Coke, upon discovering a hoax, decides to abandon it and then show interest in Basilio, a character who was played by Claudio Arredondo. Do you remember this story?


Catalina Guerra was also part of the cast of this remembered youth television series, which Channel 13 re-premiered in August of this year. In this story, she played Francisca Undurraga and was again a television partner of the one who today serves as a Deputy, Luciano Cruz-Coke.

Is it good for you that the actress Catalina Guerra is on the screen with three soap operas?

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