RECOGNIZE the characteristics. Come on, this is the difference between fever due to Covid-19 and dengue fever

TRIBUNCIREBON.COM – During the Covid-19 pandemic, the public is required to know the characteristics of the symptoms of contracting the corona virus.

One of the symptoms to watch out for is fever.

Unfortunately, fever is not only a symptom of Covid-19, but also other diseases. Among them is Dengue or dengue fever.

Just like Covid-19, Dengue is also a disease that needs to be watched out for.

Reported from, it turns out, there is a difference in the pattern of fever that occurs between the two diseases.

Representative of the Indonesian Association of Internal Medicine Specialists (PAPDI) Dr. dr. Erni Juwita Nelwan, SpPD, KPTI explained, in dengue fever the febrile phase occurs due to diremia, diremia means that there is a circulating virus in the blood.

Fever like this is difficult to reduce by medicine because the cause of the fever is in the blood for about 3 days.

”If the patient takes fever-reducing medication, the fever will go down but soon the fever will rise again.

So the fever in dengue fever is difficult to reduce with fever-reducing drugs.

The patient will sweat a lot because of the side effects of the fever reducer. He tries to reduce the fever, but on the one hand, the cause of the fever is in the blood,” Erni said at the Asen Dengue Day 2021 Press Conference virtually, some time ago

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