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Three meals a day during the college entrance examination (1):

Breakfast: If the candidate does not drink milk or soy milk, it is best not to drink it during the exam, because that may cause gastrointestinal discomfort and affect the exam. Soy milk and milk should be warmed, do not add sugar to it, otherwise it will easily cause discomfort such as belly bloating. Some candidates like to drink a cup of coffee in the morning, which is not advisable, because coffee can easily cause palpitation and frequent urination. Candidates can also drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice at breakfast, but sugar should not be added. Don’t eat fried foods and butter cakes, or overly salty.

Nutritional recipes:

Option 1: Multigrain porridge (rice + beans), steamed buns with vegetables, eggs, milk or soy milk, and apples.

Option 2. Egg noodles (eggs, noodles, green vegetables), yogurt, apples.

Option 3. Fried rice noodles (rice noodles, lean meat, bean sprouts), milk or soy milk, bananas.

Option 4. Bean Paste Buns or Fresh Meat Buns, Millet Congee or Polenta, Eggs, Milk, Bananas or Pineapples.

Option 5: Whole wheat bread slices, eggs, milk, tomatoes.

Chinese food: Chinese food should provide enough calories and nutrients, eat more meat, eggs, tofu and other foods, which can provide energy and nutritional reserves for afternoon study and exams. At the same time, it is necessary to prevent overeating so as not to increase the burden on the intestines and stomach. Being oversatisfied can reduce the sensitivity of the brain and affect the review or examination performance. Matching principle: 150 to 200 grams of staple food, 3 to 4 servings of vegetable meat and vegetables, 1 soup, appropriate amount of fruit.

The doctor said: “You should eat less lunch than usual. It is enough to be full, otherwise the stomach will be bloated. If the examinee has a bad appetite, you can drink a small bowl of fresh chicken soup, fresh fish soup or remove the oil before meals. The bone soup, etc., can stimulate the secretion of gastric juice and increase appetite.” In addition, one hour after eating, you can drink a bottle of yogurt to promote digestion.

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Nutritional recipes: Staple foods: steamed buns, rolls, fried rice, noodles, etc. Meat dishes: steamed fish, brine shrimp, pork ribs in plum sauce, five-spice beef, tomato scrambled eggs, pork slices, tofu stewed mushrooms, etc. Vegetarian dishes: fried walnuts and yam, fried tofu with cabbage, fried shiitake and carrot shreds, cold lily and day lily, fried kelp and mung bean sprouts, fried lily with celery, etc. Soups: ribs and winter melon soup, tomato and egg soup, seaweed soup, kelp mushroom chicken soup, etc.

Dinner: Shou Peiqin suggested that dinner should also be provided with sufficient calories and nutrition. The principle of matching: 100g~150g of staple food, 3~4 servings of vegetable meat and vegetables, 1 soup, appropriate amount of fruit, can eat more fungus or Kelp food. Parents should pay attention to the color, fragrance, taste, and shape of the diet, and match with appetizers to arouse the appetite of the candidates. In addition, it is best to take a bath before going to bed, drink a cup of warm milk or a small bowl of millet porridge, polenta, or add a little vinegar to the boiling water, which is conducive to sleep.

Nutritional recipes: Staple food: steamed buns, soft rice, buns, hair cakes, etc. Meat dishes: braised fish in brown sauce, fried chicken with green onion, beef tenderloin or shrimp with celery, tofu with minced meat. Vegetarian dishes: fungus broccoli, mushrooms, green vegetables, mixed eggplant, loofah, bamboo fungus, cashew nuts, asparagus, lily, etc. Soup: winter melon soup, sea rice and vegetable leaf soup, pickled cabbage soup, mushroom soup, etc.

Eat a piece of chocolate half an hour before the test or during a break. The flavanols contained in it can increase blood flow in the brain, thereby increasing the supply of glucose and oxygen to the brain.

In addition, if you have a cold, candidates should eat lighter and be able to drink some porridge, while supplementing vitamin C to enhance resistance. If you have diarrhea, candidates should focus on liquids and eat less oily foods. If girls have “dysmenorrhea”, they should eat more warm, blood-enriching, and soothing foods, such as white fungus soup, red dates, and pig liver soup.

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Three meals a day during the college entrance examination (2):

1. Breakfast

Recommended recipe: a cup of fresh milk, a boiled egg, a fresh meat wrap, and a vegetable salad (lettuce, green peppers, small tomatoes, bean sprouts, onions, etc.).

Warm tip: You can add a little oatmeal to the fresh milk. The oatmeal can not only provide the human body with carbohydrates, but also contain rich vitamins and minerals. After the vegetable salad is mixed, you can sprinkle some fried black sesame seeds. It not only increases the deliciousness of vegetable salad, but also enriches nutrition.

2. Lunch

Recommended recipes: 1 part of seaweed stewed ribs, 1 part of mushrooms fried in rapeseed, 1 part of bitter gourd shredded cold dressing, 1 part of winter melon ball soup, 1 part of rice.

Warm tip: kelp stewed ribs can be stewed together with some carrots. Carrots are rich in carotene, which can be converted into vitamin A in the human body. It not only protects eyesight, but also is a powerful antioxidant that can protect well. Body cells, of course, including brain cells; the meatballs in winter melon ball soup can be fresh fish balls, chicken balls or pork balls, and some mushrooms and tofu can be put in the soup; rice can be two rice (rice, millet) It can also be sweet potato rice, red bean rice, or corn rice (rice plus a little corn rice).

3. Dinner

Recommended recipe: one steamed fish, one duck with five spice sauce, one garlic spinach, one yuba mixed, one golden and silver roll, one mung bean soup.

Warm tip: The five-spice sauce duck can also be replaced with sauced beef, sauced pork, sauced chicken, etc. Just eat two or three pieces, don’t eat too much; garlic spinach must be blanched in boiling water to remove the oxalic acid. It is best to add some black fungus, mung bean vermicelli, etc. to spinach; add a little bit of boiled peanuts, carrot pieces, shredded onions, lotus root slices, celery stalks and other vegetables to the yuba, which not only supplements vitamins, but also increases dietary fiber; Gold and silver rolls are made of flour and cornmeal. When steaming on a basket, you can put some red dates, walnuts, and pine nuts on the gold and silver rolls, which can greatly increase the deliciousness of the gold and silver rolls.

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Three meals a day during the college entrance examination (3):

1. Breakfast should include eggs, skimmed milk, yogurt and food products, such as: porridge, oatmeal, whole wheat bread, fruit juice, a few slices of bread with a fried egg, with a little tomato, cucumber or other fruits, etc. You can also drink some Such as walnut powder, black sesame paste, etc., not only can adjust the taste, but also can resist the brain fatigue caused by the highly stressful study.

2. The lunch should be light, but adequate calories and various nutrients should be taken in. You can eat foods with higher calories such as meat and eggs. Vegetables should pay attention to color matching and change patterns to ensure that children take in various vitamins, folic acid and plant fiber.

3. On the basis of sufficient supply of heat and protein for dinner recipes, pay attention to the matching design of lean pork, pork liver, chicken, milk, eggs and various fresh vegetables and fruits including animal foods. At the same time, the necessary carbohydrates, such as beans, potatoes, corn, etc., are enterprisingly meaningful for improving learning and memory, promoting brain power, and anti-fatigue.

4. If some candidates have the habit of eating supper, the supper should be based on food that can be quickly broken down into glucose, such as porridge, egg tomato noodles, etc., supplemented by protein, vitamin C-rich eggs, wild dates, Hawthorn, grapes, melon seeds and other foods. In addition, it is best to drink a glass of milk before going to bed to improve sleep.


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