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This article was originally published Financevision Premium 08.29.2020

– We often focus on popular and Italian cocktails, where the Negroni is one of the most popular. A few years ago we had a special menu with six different types of this drink, says Tomas Ricciardi, Petola’s bar manager in Oslo.

The bar outside the Shaws bar in Gronerleck has been quenching Norwegians’ thirst for Italian drops for eight years. When Ricciardi started working at Petola’s four years ago, he wanted to recall an aperitif bar with an original concept.

The main objective of Aperitivo

Next door is the Sister Restaurant Trattoria Boboler. Petola is a waiting list for restaurant guests or a place for after dinner digestion.

– Then the opinion changed, but since I was half Italian, I wanted to bring back some Italian vibes and aperitif culture, he says.

The main focus is the aperitif, but the bar also creates classic and signature cocktails that are often associated with the country of the boot. Snacks and snacks are served to the hungry or fussy like Prosciutto, Salem, Formaki, Olive and Sicilian Arancini.

New comment on the bar menu

Tomas Ricciardi, Petola’s Bar Manager in Oslo. Photo: Steinnib Ravenberg, Financevision

The menu has created a whole new menu concept waiting to be browsed by thirsty souls, making it a standard menu all year round.

– Being an Italian bar, we were inspired by the famous Giro d’Italia cycling race which started in 1909. Each cocktail is inspired by a city or region from the bike rides. The graphic of the menu is inspired by the advertising of the first race.

Negroni Fragola is inspired by Piedmont and Turin, native to Italian Vermouth. Ricciardi says that vermouth is the most important of all nectarines and that Piedmont is the most popular in Italy for strawberries.

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– What we do is a basket of strawberries with a blend of gin, martini bitters and sweet vermouth, preferably Norwegian, but other strawberries are fine too. Gin Beeffeet 24 has a slightly stronger botanical flavor, which goes well with strawberries. Kochi Torino is one of the most famous Italian vermouths. Martini Bitters is very similar to Cambori, but not as sweet and strong. It came on the market about two years ago.

Bitter but sweet

Ricciardi believes Martini Bitters makes this the best version of the Negroni.

– When you try this drink for the first time, it is often very bitter. Our version is a little sweeter, but not intrusive. So anyone who loves Negroni will like it too, says the bar manager.

– Pour a bottle of each type into a container. Rinse, remove the ham, cut the strawberries into pieces and add them to the mixture. Cover with cling film and leave in the refrigerator overnight. If you leave the strawberries for a long time, you will get more desserts from them. Drain the next day to remove sediment and pulp residues. Mix very cold with ice in a container and pour over a rock glass, preferably with a large ice cube. For one drink, use 3 gloves in each alcohol category, he explains.

Drink Today: Strawberry Negroni Photo: Steinnib Ravenbergt, FinanceVision

Dajans drink: Strawberry Negroni Photo: Steinnib Ravenberg, Financevision

– You can make an adult nectarine jam with the remains of strawberries, or add a little lemon juice and sugar, mix and lightly fry on baking paper. So it will be a strawberry chip, which will be a garnish.

Recipe: Strawberry Negroni

  • 1 bottle of beefeater 24 gin or other gin
  • 1 bottle of Cochin Torino, or other sweet vermouth
  • 1 bottle of martini bitter or camphor
  • 250 g of fresh strawberries
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