‘Rebelde’ actor criticizes RBD’s concert tour: who was there and what did he say

In the midst of the success that the pre-sales of tickets for the concerts of RBD, One of the actors who participated in the soap opera ‘Rebelde’, where the group originated from, launched a series of comments against his colleagues, for returning to the stage after 15 years of absence.

This is Ronald Duarte, who gave life to ‘Jack Lizaldi’ in the Televisa production of 2004. The musician also shared a message through his Instagram stories and drew attention, thanks to his comments on the direction his teammates’ careers have taken.

The artist also identified as ‘Me the machine’, in his musical project, He pointed out the collective complaint of many, after RBD did not include the vast majority of Latin American countries in their comeback tour.

“I try not to talk much about the subject and things from the past, but it makes me a real… that Latin America and Spanish-speaking countries make your career and have put you where you are and then pretend they don’t exist. Everything is for money and ego”, wrote the actor.

While in another publication he shared a meme of a nopal with a cap that expresses: “I don’t speak Spanish, bro (I don’t speak Spanish, brother)”. To which he added the message: “My compadres from RBD, after announcing their tour”, accompanied by a laughing emoji.

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'Rebelde' actor criticizes RBD's concert tour: who was there and what did he say


Photos: Instagram @methemachine

The RBD tour

Some days ago, the group announced the ‘Soy Rebelde Tour’ with which they will visit cities in Mexico, the United States and Brazil, but what caught the most attention was the fact that most of the Latin American countries were not included, giving most of the concerts in the neighboring country.

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The pre-sale of tickets for the concerts in Aztec lands begins this January 26, while tomorrow, January 27, it will be open to the general public. Here we leave you with the confirmed dates:

  • Sol Forum, CDMX – November 30 and December 1
  • Stadium March 3 Guadalajara – November 26
  • Mobil Super Stadium, in Monterrey, Nuevo León – November 24
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