“Really cute” stadium vs animals… A strange sight that you can’t usually see “remains in baseball history” | Full-Count

A large flock of birds flew to ZOZO Marine during the game… It took 20 minutes to drive them out

The whole stadium was “tossed” by the incident that happened in the Lotte-Orix match held at the ZOZO Marine Stadium on the 20th. A large flock of birds entered and the game was suspended for about 20 minutes. The lights in the stadium were turned off to drive them out, and loud sounds were played from the speakers, creating a strange sight that you don’t usually see. Fans also commented, “It’s a rare scene that will remain in baseball history,” and “This should be handed down to future generations.”

When Orix attacked in the 6th inning, a flock of birds “invaded” at the scene of 1st and 3rd base. Jump around the ground and stop the game. The players went down to the bench. After that, along with the announcement in the hall that “we will turn off the lights of the stadium”, the lighting of the scoreboard was also turned off, and the hall was enveloped in darkness. The voice of the eagle’s cry and loud noises were played through the speakers, but it was not very effective, but in the meantime, Katsuya Kakunaka, an outfielder from Lotte, appeared running with a bat. Then, the birds that stayed near the outfield flew away and left the stadium. There was a big round of applause.

“Persol Pa League TV” has released the full 20-minute version of the interruption on official YouTube. Fans commented, “It was interesting”, “I saw it at the site, but the invasion of the birds was shocking”, “The birds that are relaxing are really cute”, “It’s rare to see the pitch-black stadium”, and “Watch until the end”. I’m sorry,” commented.

[Actual video]”A rare scene that remains in baseball history” The stadium is pitch black, in the corner chasing a bird… the whole story of the happening

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