‘Real Gooische Girls’ get new series on Videoland | NOW


The ‘Real Gooische Girls’ return after years with a new series on Videoland. The series continues Real Gooische Mothers and is about the life of the ladies as a young mother. Videoland reports that Instagram.

Florine Hofstee, Bo Wilkes, Leslie Keijzer, Kimberly Bosman and Pauline Wingelaar will appear in the series.

Twelve years ago, the women could already be seen in the reality series Real Gooische Girls. The women say in a video on Instagram: “We can finally shout it from the rooftops.”

The Gooische girls say about the content of the series: “I think we give a very nice insight into our lives.”

Real Gooische Mother can be seen on Videoland from 4 November.


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