Readers’ complaints: the chicken that sets your mouth on fire

Bego writes with a blaze coming out of his mouth: “By God! Rectify the kung pao chicken recipe. I’ve only put in 20g of dried chili and I almost died. If I put the 50 g, I have to throw it away. Meanwhile, Carpe Diem soaked his tongue as he typed This red alert on Twitter: “I think there is a serious error in the recipe regarding the amount of chili. I just made it with 20g and it was overly spicy. Luckily we like spicy food and we have been able to eat it. “

From this defensive battlement, I always warn readers about the amounts of spiciness or delicate flavors that they are not used to or do not tolerate. Don’t pay too much attention to us when we tell you to stuff yourself with chili peppers, ginger or lemon juice. Keep in mind, that one of the entrance tests to the writing of El Comidista is to drink a concoction with those hard-core ingredients, mixed with mustard and coriander, without flinching. If we ask to repeat, we are inside.

Clara P. Villalón, who drank three glasses, admits the error by listing 50 g of chili in the ingredients of the fiery chicken and fixes the final amount at five dried chilies. That amount still seems dangerous to a servant, because there are many varieties of chili -some small, others large and heavier-, so I will add one of my evil footnotes to the recipe so that, for whatever you want, you are cautious when adding them. If your palate is not made for very spicy food, use one or two chili peppers, removing the stem and seeds before adding them to the sauté.

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A carrot cake too oily

Sara did the carrot cake vegan and has an objection: “I did it except for sugar, which I did not put anything in. The amount of oil that is indicated comes in grams, but I don’t know if it would be milliliters, since it has been very oily and I do not think it is because I did not add sugar. I baked it for an hour and the inside is a bit raw. It’s good, but I don’t think it should stay that way ”.

I begin by responding to the concern about the correspondence between grams and milliliters. There is no notable difference between 150 ml of sunflower oil and 150 g. Weighing that amount in a measuring jug, there is no difference. This also applies to common liquids in these types of recipes such as milk, water or juice. Offering these amounts in grams is a good measure of economy of resources: it would only be necessary to use a scale to prepare the ingredients.

Discarded the X-File of the grams, we go for the proportions. Sara, if you eliminate 200 grams of any ingredient in a baking recipe, the formula is necessarily unbalanced. This is the defense hypothesis about the oily character of your cake. The proportion of fat (150 g), flour (320 g) and other ingredients (300 g of carrots, nuts, etc.) is correct, even more so if we consider that, being a vegan recipe, the fat of eggs, which are present in a large part of non-vegan cakes.

On the subject of baking, we can never take as a fixed time in the kitchen. In the case of sponge cakes, they must be considered cooked when, when pierced with a skewer, it comes out completely clean and without any dough stuck, a recommendation that is included in the written recipe. This time, we have to give our reader a red card, hoping that for the next time she improves her result with these defenders.

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A missing milk

We have turned Victoria turulata with the recipe for classic, crispy and baked fried milk: “Please, agree with the recipe for Berasategui’s fried milk, because in the written recipe you have a proportion of milk, in the video Mikel He says another proportion and while he speaks the written quantities come out and it is a different one. Berasategui kills you! “

Berasategui taking the club out for a walk. GIPHY

Fearing that Martin would give us With the stick for this flagrant mistake, I called our capo Iturriaga to the chapter. The quantity chocho had gigantic proportions: in the video they spoke of 500 ml of milk, not 1 liter as in the text of the recipe. In the text 250 ml were indicated and in the video 200 ml, and in the next step 250 ml were indicated again. There was no trace of the 500 ml that were missing until the liter of milk was completed. Recognizing the error and doing the pertinent penance, the indications and amounts in the video labels have been corrected. “I screwed up and I will never again be able to look Berasategui in the face,” Iturriaga admits through tears. “And now what do I do, Defen, do I kill myself?”

A few treacherous spoonfuls

Carme uncovers a failure of this defender that not even Watergate: “Yesterday I was encouraged to make this strawberry cake without an oven that I had discovered reading the chef’s defender.” Carme continues referring to Ana’s query in this article last February: “I followed the recipe to the letter and I can say that I think Ana is right and the cornstarch is wrongly scored. I did not put the cornstarch by eye, but following the recipe, which says exactly ‘1 tablespoon and a half 40 gr. of corn flour (Maizena or similar) ‘. As you will see, it is a bit confusing. I trusted that you weighed a tablespoon and a half and that it weighed 40g. I made the cream, which thickened. I mixed the cheese delicately and it was not anywhere near as thick as in the photo. I also let it sit overnight in the fridge, as the recipe advises. The result: we have eaten a delicious but liquid cake. So, going through all the steps, I have weighed a tablespoon and a half of cornstarch on the scale. The result, a little less than 20 g, less than half of what the recipe says. “

No, when testing the strawberry shortcake, I did not verify that tablespoon and a half corresponded to 40 g and I apologize for that. I limited myself to checking that the recipe came out well with the 40 g of fine corn flour, that one, if you have to choose between measuring accurately or leaving it at the mercy of the tablespoons, choose basculita.

Spoon in hand and a clean scale, I could see that 40 g of cornstarch is equivalent to 4 beautiful tablespoons. I assume the loss of points from the defender card, I take notes for the future and proceed to modify the recipe so that no one else gets the cake to slurp.


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