Readers’ Complaints: A Forgotten Coconut Milk

Abu and Yoyo release all the steam that has caused them not to find indications and quantities in the recipe for Dal of lentils and coconut with broccoli: “It’s good that they have opened a valve to release that steam that accumulates as we read the recipes or at the time of making them. Reading the list of ingredients, all calibrated in grams, dessert spoons, size of the onions, liters of water / broth, we arrive at coconut milk. A tin? A box? Two? We do not know. We all have a minimum of common sense, and we will add until we reach the desired consistency. But the expectations were to continue with the line of weights and measures. Well, we sorted out the coconut. What do we do with the file? Before? Then? During? Great mystery. In our case, we have added half the juice at the end of cooking and we leave the rest to the taste of the diners “.

Everyone has their own groundhog day, and mine happens when foodie writers don’t go over recipes and they come to light with ghost ingredients, hidden quantities, or undefined procedures. What do I do, Super? I kill myself? Or do I threaten them with a week’s vacation in the dungeons of Loarre?

Raquel Bernacer recognizes the mistake, makes an act of contrition and reveals the mess so that we can add the amount of coconut milk in the list of ingredients: “The amount of coconut milk that goes in the recipe is 200 ml. 100 ml are put in when the dal is finished cooking and the rest is distributed on the plates of the diners. I also added the lime juice at the end of cooking. “

A gazpacho too thick

Alejandro began by making the coriander gazpacho recipe, faithfully respecting the measurements, and ended up using it as his Pond’s beauty plan in seven particular days: “I got a gazpacho with a too thick texture, rather creamy style. In addition, it was too heavy to drink like that, drunk, it looked like a sauce for power and texture. I think the recipe would work better with 800 ml of water instead of 500, at least. “

Too bad the SEPU is no longer open, because it would be great for me to take a tour of the accessories section to buy a glove, throw it at Alejandro and fight a duel as if we were any Bridgertons. Why? Because we both faithfully respected the measurements of the recipe, but the results were very different. After reading the recipe, the proportion of water was also grating, but when I crushed the ingredients, I obtained a light and not thick cream with a perfect gazpachistic texture.

I think it is the first time in more than five years that this defender is speechless, unable to discern where the problem of Alejandro’s gazpacho lies. Matter of taste? I don’t think so, because my gazpacho had an undeniably liquid and light texture. A problem of failing proportions? I swear by each of the forks of my bun that I measured each ingredient carefully, and if Alejandro also affirms it, I will not be the one who doubts it.

While I wait for the spirit of Jiménez del Oso to take action in the Defensora / Alejandro duel, I get in the Orzowei plan and break a spear for Miriam García’s recipe: it works with the proportions indicated in the ingredients list.

Marcelo asks

Marcelo has just landed on El Comidista from Melmac, and the first thing he’s seen is the section of this lush and exuberant defender: “It’s bullshit, but I can’t help asking. Are you really willing to accept reader complaints because something went wrong? Are they like gourmets cops who receive information from netizen readers? The cook must accept that the mistake is part of the practice. “

I swear to you, Marcelo, we are willing to accept complaints from readers who have had our recipes wrong. In fact, this is how we have been for almost six years, receiving avalanches of letters – with their scratchy stamps – full of complaints and some praise. We not only accept them, but we also agree with whoever has it: that’s my job on this website. This section was created to improve the recipe content of El Comidista. Sometimes readers are wrong, sometimes we are wrong.

From now on I will feel a little Laverne Hooks when I write in this gallery, although we do not receive tips from ortibas readers, but it is the frustrated kitchens themselves who confess their outrages without this defender even putting an eye on them.

A somewhat liquid anniversary

Ana has arrived in the inbox of the defense cabinet to make a White Hormigas to Mikel Iturriaga with his recipe for strawberry cake without an oven: “For years I have made strawberry cake without an oven for my boy’s birthday, because we love it and they are in season. But I think the amount of cornstarch is not well noted, because the dough is always too liquid. I do it by eye, but since I have seen this medium to warn you, I take advantage of it. “

I love that Ana is celebrating the 10th anniversary of this recipe by finally letting us know that there is something wrong with the formula. Mikel Iturriaga surely also celebrates the consultation imploding his brain while trying to remember if he wrote down the grams of fine corn flour correctly. Since I have a good-natured day, I will overlook the trivial detail of measuring cornstarch by eye and complain that the amount is wrongly recorded.

I made the cream and the result was a creamy, firm and well set dough. It was so thick that I had to skip the casting step. It also took a lot longer to set it than the 5 minutes indicated in the recipe, because I made it over very low heat until it thickened completely.

Besides the ojimeter, I think the problem is in the process of mixing the cream cheese with the already cooked pastry cream. We have seen this problem before: when cream cheese is mixed into a dough, if it is done with joy, using the mixer with the grinder arm or the whisk rods, the cheese loses its head and the dough becomes a sad aguachirris without a trace of the solidity it acquires and keeps cold.


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