Razin demanded to cancel all Shatunov’s upcoming concerts

Andrey Razin demanded to cancel all the upcoming concerts of Yuri Shatunov. According to the producer, performances should be abandoned due to a new wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

Razin noted that all artists who neglect safety rules can become infected with a new strain of COVID-19. In addition, in some regions of the Russian Federation, restrictions on holding mass events were lifted, which performers have already begun to use.

Image taken from: YouTube

“I don’t know how Rospotrebnadzor should react to this, but all artists and their viewers are in danger. The new strain of coronavirus is highly contagious, and anyone who just leaves the house can get sick. I urge to cancel all concerts of Shatunov and other performers, ”Razin said.

Ksenia Sobchak spoke about a new strain of coronavirus earlier. According to her, “omicron” is less dangerous than other types of the disease. Because of this, the disease should not be afraid, but one should not forget about the need to get vaccinated.

Source: bimru.ru


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