Ravenna festival 2021: two concerts at the Alighieri Theater

Riccardo Muti and the Wiener Philharmonike in two concerts for the special preview of the XXXII edition of the Ravenna Festival.

Swe are here and believe in the message of music “he said Riccardo Muti on the occasion of the New Year’s concert, in front of the Musikverein empty. Five months later, the Maestro and the Wiener Philharmonikers are together again and, for the first time this year, in front of the public. This happens in the little big Ravenna, the first destination of the tour that will continue in Florence e Milano.

Sunday 9 May two concerts will reopen the doors of the Alighieri Theater for the preview of the XXXII edition of Ravenna Festival, each welcoming 250 spectators. The musical programs will be united by the performance of Calm by the sea and happy travel by Mendelssohn, but at 5 pm the concert will complete with the Symphony n. 4 by Schumann, at 20 with the Symphony n. 2 by Brahms.

The event is made possible by the support of Eni, alongside the Festival as the main partner also for this new edition, whose program will be unveiled on Saturday 8 May, the day before the concerts at Alighieri. After all, in the year in which the Festival promises a true dedication of love to Dante, it will be the Maestro himself who will lead his Cherubini Orchestra and the May Choir in Ravenna in solemn concert that the September 12 it will conclude the national celebrations for the seventh centenary of the poet’s death, then reaching Florence and Verona to unite the three Dante cities in music.

Ravenna and the return to music

Also this year Ravenna and its Festival are at the forefront of the return to live music in Italy, in this case honoring a tradition that has seen the Wiener among the foreign orchestras most frequently guests of the event. This always with the guidance of Muti, by virtue of that deep bond that unites the Italian director to Vienna Philharmonic. A partnership born in 1971 and strengthened in fifty years of concerts in Vienna and Salzburg, tours all over the world and precious recordings.

The Wiener’s first participation in the Ravenna Festival dates back to 1992 for the third edition of the event. Over the years, the Wiener family have enriched the program with unforgettable events, such as those with the Mozart-Da Ponte trilogy.

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“With great music Ravenna is once again in the national and international showcaseunderlines the Mayor Michele de PascaleIn 2020 live concerts in Italy restarted from our city and today Ravenna has been chosen to open the Wiener tour. Once again Maestro Muti makes us immensely honored and proud and I thank him for the generosity he always shows towards Ravenna and the Ravenna people. This concert is a very prestigious event that characterizes, together with all the events and inaugurations for the seventh centenary, a very culturally rich month of May. Ravenna is ready to exploit all the exceptional cultural and artistic energies it expresses. “

The programs

It’s hard not to look for a message when choosing the overture Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage (Calm by the sea and happy travel), although Mendelssohn, in this op. 27 composed in 1828, does not limit itself to illustrating Goethe’s diptych from which it draws inspiration but creates its own musical world independent from that of poetry. It remains, however, in the cantabile but static theme of the violins it opens Calm of the sea, the sense of that motionless sea upon which an enigmatic and terrible silence hangs. This is followed, in the second part, by the luminous promise of a destination not far away, a landing on the horizon.

Beyond the consonances with the collective sentiment of these difficult months, the two programs – one completed by the Sinfonia n. 4 in re minor on. 120 by Robert Schumann and the other from Symphony n. 2 in D major op. 73 by Johannes Brahms – they are first of all a tribute to the city of the Wiener, to a history that is also the history of Western music, to the indispensable heritage that finally returns accessible also live.

A concert around Dante

The solemn concert of 12 September it is instead the culmination of a journey all around Dante which was inaugurated in Ravenna on 5 September in the presence of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella. A goal generously shared with the sisters Florence and Verona. The two cities respectively on 13 and 15 September they will host the same concert.

Thus Muti, ambassador of the Bel Paese for the constant commitment that has always been profound in the protection and promotion of its musical and cultural heritage all over the world, will interpret the widespread love for Dante and his work.

Presale Wiener Philharmoniker concerts from 9 am on Friday 30 April

Info and presales Mon-Sat 9-13 tel. 0544 249244 – www.ravennafestival.org (Theater ticket office open by appointment only)

Tickets from 40 Euro to 130 Euro

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