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Gridhot.ID – Ariel Noah’s name is certainly familiar to Indonesian people.

The owner of the full name Nazril Irham is indeed famous for his good looks.

Many women fall to their knees when they see Ariel’s handsome and charismatic face.

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But many do not know, Ariel has a brother who is no less handsome and beautiful than him.

Yes, Luna Maya’s ex-lover is indeed the youngest of three siblings.

But Ariel is a person who is not very open about her family.

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Likewise with Ariel’s older brother, who still doesn’t know much.

Quoting GridHits.id, Ariel, who is known as a musician, has a family that is not born with musical blood.

Maybe there are still many who think that Ariel, who is fluent in Sundanese, is a man from Bandung.

However, it turns out that Ariel reveals that she is still confused about her area of ​​origin.

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In Armand Maulana’s YouTube video in December 2020, Ariel was confused about the origin of his descendants.

“His blood is Padang, his mother is a Padangnese, his father is mixed. Mr. Padang has lumps, a mixture of Batak,” said Ariel.

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He also had time to tell that not only Sumatran blood, but Javanese blood also flows in him.

Although raised in the Sunda region, Ariel was born in Sumatra.

His father, who worked as a field employee at Pertamina, made little Ariel live in the Aceh area.

Until seven years living in Aceh, Ariel and his family moved to Bandung in 1993.

At the beginning of Ariel’s career, it was heard that the figure of the vocalist’s brother was exposed because of a drug case.

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Ariel has two older brothers, a boy and a girl.

The two were named Nazlin Fachridzal and Seali Sheikh.

Ariel herself has been less open to revealing the circumstances and whereabouts of her brother.

However, the Gridhits.id team had time to explore some news about Ariel’s older brother.

Seli Syeh is Ariel’s older sister.

Had circulated that the figure of Ariel’s sister was exposed with her beautiful face.

Seli Syeh also made a scene in 2017 because of his intimate photo with his younger brother.

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Even so, he revealed that Seali still has family blood from the lady killer.

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Different from Ariel, who became a famous musician, it turns out that Seali Syeh is a lawyer.

However, until now not much has been revealed about the two sisters Ariel.


Ariel Noah’s first sister, Nazlin Fachrizal when interviewed by journalists at the funeral home, Jalan Tanjungsari No.58, Antapani, Bandung, Tuesday (29/3/2016)




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