Rapper Moha la Squale accused of assaulting young women


It is a real storm that shakes the social networks of Generation Y and Z this Sunday, September 6 after rapper Moha la Squale, 25, already under judicial control, was accused by many young women of domestic violence. Kidnapping, sexual violence, beatings, threats, accusations rain down to the dismay of the rapper, gold record then platinum for Bendero, awaiting trial for refusal to comply, contempt and rebellion against law enforcement in May 2020.

The shooting of one of his clips, in the 20e arrondissement of Paris, had been interrupted by police officers while the rapper was engaged in a “motorized rodeo”. Refusing to obey the police, the rapper fled, failing to overthrow a 9-year-old girl. Under a search warrant, the rapper was arrested on June 19, 2020 by police officers then released on June 20, awaiting a trial which will subsequently be postponed to July 2021. Already imprisoned the year of his 18 years at home of Fleury-Mérogis, this former Cours Florent is enjoying a growing notoriety which will be worth to him to be crowned several times gold record and platinum record and to collaborate in particular with the Lacoste brand.

Overwhelming testimonials from former girlfriends

This Saturday, September 5, 2020, a young woman named Romy filmed herself in her Instagram story by directly accusing the rapper Moha la Squale in these terms: “Your rapist rappers who make sounds of love and who sequester chicks, who hit their go (Editor’s note: understand girlfriend) and who after “oh ma luna” (Editor’s note: title of a romantic song by the rapper). We love that this kind of rot is streamed (Editor’s note: listened to on music applications) thoroughly (personally I had nothing serious but it could have been) For those who have not captured I am obviously talking about Moha the Squale. “

Quickly, Romy is no longer the only one to denounce the singer’s violent behavior and several alleged former girlfriends write to him directly to tell about the ordeal they would have lived with him.

A difficult silence of the alleged victims

If no complaint for assault is known to date against Moha la Squale, the victims seem frightened by the repercussions and threats of the rapper. One of them writes to Romy “if you post hide my pseudo STP, we know people in common who follow me and I still live in La Banane (Editor’s note: nickname given to the Amandiers district in the 20e arrondissement) so I don’t want retaliation ”.

Another young woman even shares a screenshot of an apology text she allegedly received from the rapper himself after an altercation. She then specifies: “Justification after he suffocated me and confined me in my own apartment without wanting to give me back my keys, make me lie to the police under repeated death threats.” “

Romy, for her part, reassures her subscribers as to her current state, but specifies in video “(…) Since he has money, he takes confidence but monumental. Even if for me it was, I know a lot of people who have been through very serious things with him. He is seriously ill. This is the only thing I would say about this person (…) It can backfire on those who speak because clearly he makes dirty threats ”.

And if some of the lyrics to her famous song “Luna” such as “I would be happy to describe her to you, her innocence makes me smile, I’m not here to spend, big, it’s me, her bandage “Sound very ironic today, no denial of the rapper has yet been published. Contacted by phone and email, the rapper’s lawyer has so far not responded to our requests.

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