Ranking: What are the 10 most disobedient dog breeds? – Eme – 09/11/2021

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Not all dogs are the same, some are more docile, others more affectionate and others more disobedient. Although they can be trained and trained by a specialist to modify their behavior, there are some breeds more prone to being disobedient.

Stanley Coren, a psychologist, neuropsychological researcher and professor at the University of British Columbia in Canada investigated the behavior of animals and concluded on how each one behaves.

“We all want to get an idea of ​​how our furry companions think and we want to understand silly, outlandish and seemingly irrational behaviors. His moments of brilliance and creativity are memorable. They may not be like Einstein, but they sure are closer to humans than we think, “Coren said in a conference cited by the American Psychological Association.

Coren wrote the book ‘The Intelligence of Dogs’, which was launched in 1994 and updated in 2006. From that writing, the list of the 10 most disobedient breeds emerges.

10. Shih Tzu
They have a life expectancy of between 10 and 18 years. It is a medium and small breed. The coat is one of its most precious characteristics because, if it is well cared for, it will not tangle and it will be able to look smooth.

“It’s no wonder Shih Tzu owners have been so delighted with this little ‘Lion Dog’ for a thousand years. Where it goes, laughter and mischief follow ”, points out the specialized portal ‘American Kennel Club’.

His disobedience is that he can understand new commands after repeating him 80 to 100 times. A difficult task for your caregivers! Or rather: a task that requires a very, very particular patience.

9. Basset Hound

Basset Hound breed dog.  Photo: Pexels
Basset Hound breed dog. Photo: Pexels

It is a dog belonging to the bloodhounds and they live between 10 and 12 years. Its height is medium and it is distinguished by its long ears. It can cause too much tenderness or even feelings of sadness.

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Although it was originally a fast dog used for hunting in France, the breed moved away from hunting but was so popular that it became one of the highest valued companion animals.

The Basset Hound obeys the first command for 25% of the time, but it can be worse. Insistence may be the key.

8. Mastiff

Mastiff.  Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Mastiff. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

It is a breed of guard dog with short fur and a prominent muzzle. It is recognizable by its weight and height, which is between 50 and 70 centimeters and that it lives for 8 to 10 years.

“He is strong and elegant, with a good-natured and noble bearing. It is a peaceful dog, but brave and defender of the territory ”, compiles the page ‘Toppercan’.

Like the previous ones, perform a command after repeating it between 80 and 100 times.

7. Beagle

Beagle breed dog.  Photo: Pexels
Beagle breed dog. Photo: Pexels

It is medium-sized and is characterized by its affection towards its caregivers. You can even become very dependent on them.

Its origins are related to hunting, therefore, it is a dog that likes to move and play frequently. He always requires activities that stimulate his physical and mental activity.

“They are affectionate and adorable, happy and sociable, all the qualities that make them excellent family dogs,” reviews ‘American Kennel Club’.

It has a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years. However, its order retention is low. It is necessary to be very aware so that he learns a command or ‘remembers’ it in a certain period of time.

6. Pekines

Pekingese dog.  Photo: Pexels
Pekingese dog. Photo: Pexels

Pekingese dates from the Chinese Empire. It was a royal dog because of its bearing when walking. It is also known for its coat which, if kept clean, like that of the Shih Tzu, acquires softness.

The portal ‘Petsonic’ describes it as an “independent and somewhat stubborn dog that constantly demands the attention of its owner.”

It is small and can live 12 to 15 years and obeys first orders 25% of the time

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5. Borzoi

Borzoi or Russian greyhound breed dog.  Photo: Pexels
Borzoi or Russian greyhound breed dog. Photo: Pexels

It is also known as the Russian Greyhound. As the latter indicates, he comes from Russia and dates back to the 1000s, when he was appreciated for being a hunter.

“The friendly and easily trainable Borzoi has two sides of character: At home, he often acts like a calm and gentle family member. (…) Abroad, it reacts very quickly to possible prey and pursues them if it is not on a leash ”, compiles the blog ‘Dogbible’.

Their life expectancy is between 7 and 10 years. It weighs up to 50 kilos and measures 80 centimeters. They need to be repeated more than 80 times to do something for the first time.

4. Chow Chow

Chow chow breed dog.  Photo: Pexels
Chow chow breed dog. Photo: Pexels

It has always been said that it has a resemblance to lions, as its fur conveys that feeling.

It arose in China and was used to be the guardian of the temples. By 1865, according to what different media reported, Queen Victoria of England received one as a gift and that led to its popularization in Europe and America.

Its large size means that its weight ranges between 25 and 35 kilos. In addition, it can live up to 15 years.

“His nature is more like that of a cat than that of a dog. They do not have a highly developed desire to please their human and they are not very submissive, on the contrary, they have their own will ”, explains the page of ‘Zooplus’.

Following your own will implies that you do not pay ‘much attention’ to an order. As in the cases mentioned so far, patience is as fundamental as insistence on its proper proportions.

3. Bulldog

Bulldog breed dog Photo: Pexels
Bulldog breed dog Photo: Pexels

Live between 8 and 10 years. “Bull ‘is translated into Spanish as bull. Hence this breed owes its name because it was used to chase bulls in England. This was achieved thanks to its large size and strong legs.

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His reception was so great that, in 1873, the ‘Kennel Club’ recognized him as an iconic British breed.

However, it evolved and ‘shrunk’. That is to say: it is now known as a medium and heavy dog.

“He continues to be very popular as a family companion for his great character and loyalty,” acknowledges the ‘Kennel Club’ portal.

Although it is a puppy made for families, it will require a lot of patience in its learning.

2. Basenji

Basenji breed dog Photo: Pexels
Basenji breed dog Photo: Pexels

It is a medium-sized dog that has a curiosity: it does not bark like the others.

“If we heard a Basenji barking, we would feel a noise that we could associate with a barking and we would think that perhaps it is a dog weighing two kilos, when it really could be a dog weighing 12-14 kilos”, says Joan Rubiralta, veterinarian and chief of Ethology at the Catalunya Veterinary Hospital, in an interview with ‘La Vanguardia’. It is very energetic and can live 12 to 14 years.

It occupies the second position of the most disobedient dogs because it does not retain orders easily and is frequently distracted.

1. Afghan Hound

Afghan hound dog Photo: Piqsels
Afghan hound dog Photo: Piqsels

It is the most disobedient race. Its level of independence is very high so it will not be accompanying its owners all the time or paying attention to their instructions. Live between 12 and 14 years.

It is said to be one of the oldest dogs that was bred in the Afghanistan, India and Pakistan region.

“For centuries they were hunting companions and status symbols for royalty, tribal chiefs and aristocrats in the mountain kingdoms of Asia,” the ‘CaminanDog’ blog reviews.

The Afghan Hound penetrated Europe and thus became popular as a pet for the upper classes.

A sculpture by Pablo Picasso, located at the Richard J. Daley Center, United States, resembles the stylized figure of this breed. The artist may have been inspired by its imposing coat, muzzle, and size of limbs.


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