Ran Ito releases long-awaited second album on September 1st, the anniversary of Candies’ debut! A concert tour of Tosaka is also decided! | Sony Music Direct Inc. Press Release

Contains a total of 10 songs, including the first solo single “Koi Suru Revolver” and “Vibrush On”, which has been released as a JR West CM song. Tomoyasu Hotei, Tortoise Matsumoto, Yukinojo Mori, Jun Sato, Koichi Tabo and others are among the writers, and Ran Ito himself wrote the lyrics for two songs following the previous work. From 60’s pop taste to bossa nova, ballad, and rock music, the album has a wider variety of songs than the previous work, and while following the fan’s image of Ran Ito, it is a challenging one that overturns it. It is an album in which songs coexist.

In addition, this time, the first limited edition with Blu-ray containing the MV of “Koi Suru Revolver”, and the special site limited production BOX with “Koi Suru Revolver T-shirt” in addition to Blu-ray, totaling 3 forms It will be released at.

September 1st is the day Candies released their debut single “Anatani Muchuu” in 1973. With the long-awaited release date of the 2nd album, which has been waiting for production due to Corona’s disaster, it seems to be a special anniversary that is doubly happy for fans of the past.

otonano Ran Ito Special Page http://www.110107.com/ran_ito

Also on the same day, concert tours to be held in Osaka and Tokyo were announced. It will be the first concert after the release of the second album, and it will be a set list full of candies songs as well as new songs. Don’t miss the fan-coveted concert!

■ CD information
Second album “Beside you” released on September 1, 2021

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◆ Ran Ito Special Site Limited Sale Special BOX with Koi Suru Revolver T-shirt
[CD & Blu-ray (with three-sided sleeve case) + T-shirt: Men’s L size]
¥ 7,500 (tax included) / DYCS 1235

◆ First Press Limited Edition[CD & Blu-ray (with three-sided sleeve case)]
¥ 3,900 (tax included) / MHCL 30683-4

◆Normal CD
¥ 3,300 (tax included) / MHCL 30685

The contents of each CD and Blu-ray are the same.

Song order undecided All 10 songs recorded
・ Revolver in love Lyrics: jam Composition / Arrangement: Koichi Tabo
・ Ieji Lyrics: Yukinojo Mori Composition: Tomoyasu Hotei Arrangement: Kei Kawano
・ Your way Lyrics and composition: Tortoise Matsumoto Arrangement: Jun Sato
・You do you Lyrics: Yuho Iwasato Composer: IKEZO Arrangement: Umehori Jun
・ Hikishio Lyrics: jam Composition: Koichi Tabo Arrangement: Toshiyuki Mori
・ Aishite Koishite Manhattan Lyrics: Ran Ito Composition / Arrangement: Jun Sato
・Shalala ♪ Happy Birthday Lyrics: Mori Yuki Nojo Composer: Takaichi Taho Arrangement: Edu Daigo
・ Nameless Christmas Song Lyrics: Ran Ito Composition / Arrangement: Jun Sato
・ICE ON FIRE Lyrics: Composed by Mori Yukinojo・Arrangement: jape
・ Vibrush on * JR West CM song Lyrics: GOMA Composition: IKEZO Arrangement: Jun Sato

Koi Suru Revolver Music Video, etc.

otonano Ran Ito Special Page http://www.110107.com/ran_ito

■ Tour information
Ran Ito Concert Tour 2021 ~ Beside you & fun fun ♡ Candies! ~

Along with the songs from the latest second album “Beside you”, it will be held with the contents of the fan coveted gifts in the set list full of Candies songs!
【Osaka】September 20th, 2021 (Month・Celebration)[開場]16:00 [開演]17:00 Festival Hall
[Tokyo]October 28th (Thursday) and 29th (Friday), 2021[開場]17:30 [開演]18:30 Nakano Sunplaza

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From today, the official fastest lottery precedent starts! (Until 23:59 on Sunday, June 6)
Reception URL: https://w.pia.jp/t/ran/

[コンサート総合INFORMATION] https://www.diskgarage.com/feature/ito-ran/


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