Rammstein leader postponed concerts after scandals with Orthodox activists from Novosibirsk

The soloist of Rammstein will arrive in Siberia in a year.

Photo: Elizaveta SUKHOVA

The leader of the famous rock band Rammstein, Til Lindemann, postponed concerts in Russia after accusations of immorality. However, the musician himself called the risk of contracting the coronavirus the official reason for canceling the show. However, Orthodox activists from Novosibirsk are celebrating their small victory and are now ready to seek a ban on the entry of the musician to Russia.


The flamboyant leader of the Rammstein band, Till Lindemann, postponed concerts in Russia until the end of the year. The concert tour “Ich hasse kinder” (“I hate children”) provoked protests by Orthodox activists in Novosibirsk and even led to an investigation by the investigative committee. However, the reason for the abrupt postponement of the concerts was the coronavirus.

— The epidemiological situation in Europe and the United States is deteriorating sharply, which imposes restrictions on international flights, as well as the entry and stay of foreign citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation, and holding concerts during the period of an increase in the incidence in Russia may be unsafe for all participants. In this regard, and Also, in order to prevent the threat of the spread of a new strain of COVID-19, we are forced to announce the postponement of concerts in Novosibirsk and Moscow to new dates, the organizers said on behalf of Till Lindemann on Instagram.

Opponents of the singer's work rejoice, but fans are in no hurry to return tickets

Opponents of the singer’s work rejoice, but fans are in no hurry to return tickets

Photo: Elizaveta SUKHOVA

According to local organizers, the concert in Novosibirsk was postponed to December 5, 2022. Lindemann’s fans decided to support the organizers on social networks, and the organizers began to return tickets:

– There is only one reason for the transfer – “covid”. Concert tickets are valid in December. People apply – we do a refund. We are not transferring other concerts yet, everything is on schedule, ”KP-Novosibirsk was told at the Concert 54 concert agency.

For the famous musician, this is the second postponement of the concert in Novosibirsk. Last year, the Rammstein frontman was supposed to perform on March 17 at the Expocentre, but again the coronavirus restrictions prevented.

– The cancellation of the concert is certainly good news for the Old New Year! A pandemic, a pandemic, but there is another factor – many people are not ready to endure spitting at our country, an insult to Russian women by Lindemann. For our part, we will do everything in our power to ensure that the persons responsible for the production of the clip in St. Petersburg and its distributors are brought to justice. We hope that we will not see this propagandist of perversions in Novosibirsk in December either,” Orthodox activist Ivan Kvasnitsky commented to KP-Novosibirsk.


However, the fight against the performances of the outrageous Till Lindemann has been going on for two years now. First, Novosibirsk feminists wrote a letter to the mayor of Novosibirsk with a request to ban the concert.

– We are not against Lindemann’s work, but against his activities in the illegal production and distribution of pornography, which casts a shadow on all his creative activity. We believe that pornography has nothing to do with creativity, but is a form of violence against women and propaganda of hatred towards women,” Anastasia told KP-Novosibirsk.

Then the feminists were supported by supporters of conservative values. In 2021, Orthodox activists again decided to pay attention to the upcoming concert: they wrote a letter to the deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation and the head of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin. Social activists even ordered a psychological and art study of Lindemann’s clip, where there is violence against women.

– The material submitted for the study contains materials with pornographic images. This is evidenced by the following signs: a detailed naturalistic close-up image of naked genitals and scenes of a sexual nature and autoerotic actions as an incentive for committing indecent acts, is reported in the conclusion of the examination (a copy is at the disposal of the editors – approx. Ed.).

The head of the Investigative Committee of Russia, Alexander Bastrykin, instructed the head of the investigative department of the Russian Investigative Committee for the Novosibirsk region to check the arguments of public figures.

Lindemann also performed at military music festivals.

Lindemann also performed at military music festivals.

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV


Novosibirsk scientists warn that the new version of COVID-19 “omicron” has already arrived in Russia and in a matter of days can cause a sharp increase in the incidence. It bypasses immunity more easily and hits the unvaccinated more strongly.

“Omicron” is dangerous for children – they become infected with it no less than adults. Despite the alarming forecasts for a new wave of coronavirus, the rest of the concerts in Novosibirsk remain on the schedule for now.

– Another wave will begin – of course, there will be transfers. But so far no one has announced them and there is no increase in the incidence yet, – the administration of the Podzemka loft park reported.


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