Rammstein leader concert canceled in Novosibirsk

Earlier, the UK began checking the appeal of morality activists who tried to ban the performance of the musician.

Till Lindemann, the frontman of the German metal band Rammstein, will not come to Novosibirsk with a solo concert. The musician announced on his Instagram page that he is canceling the performance scheduled for January 26.

It is worth noting that this news was preceded by a loud scandal. In early January, the Novosibirsk Coordinating Council for the Protection of Public Morality, Culture and Traditional Family Values ​​sent an appeal to State Duma deputies with a request to help repel “anti-cultural phenomena” represented by the musician.

Social activists reported that the scandalous work of Lindemann repeatedly turned into problems with the law for him. They also mentioned some of his video clips – “I hate children”, Till the End, in which Lindemann’s hero allegedly rapes Russian girls, the song Moskau, where the musician “on the one hand, confesses his love for the Russian capital, on the other, shamelessly announces desire to have sex with her, in the first line calling her a prostitute.

The appeal also reached the Investigative Committee – the head of the department, Alexander Bastrykin, instructed to start an audit. However, judging by the information in Lindemann’s account, the cancellation of the concert has nothing to do with this.

Representatives of the musician explained that they were forced to postpone the performance due to the epidemiological situation in order to avoid the spread of a new strain of the omicron coronavirus. Concerts in Kiev, Prague, Bratislava, Riga and Moscow were also rescheduled.

“It is not safe for the audience to hold concerts in the conditions of an increase in the incidence,” the message says. “We apologize for the inconvenience and hope for your understanding.”

Now the musician’s visit to Novosibirsk is expected only in December 2022. All tickets for VIP seats, despite the stormy indignation of the public, have already been sold out.



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