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Mayor Rafael López Aliaga proposes life sentences for corrupt officials during the inauguration of the Criminal Flagrancy Unit in Lima

At the inauguration of the Criminal Flagrancy Unit in Cercado de Lima, Mayor Rafael Lopez Aliaga He emphatically called on the congressmen present to promote life imprisonment as a sanction for corrupt officials in the country. This energetic approach was received with applause by those attending the event.

“I allow myself in the presence of the congressmen to once and for all promote life sentences for corrupt officials,” said the mayor during his speech at the inauguration.

Lopez Aliaga argued that corruption has a direct impact on the most vulnerable population and that it is necessary to combat it forcefully. “Because of that corruption, the poorest people ultimately pay. “This corruption is what makes us have more than a million of our brothers in Lima, without going to the interior of the country.”added the mayor.

Furthermore, he highlighted the work carried out by the Municipality of Lima in the field of citizen security, emphasizing the progress achieved and thanking the collaboration of local authorities, such as Renzo Reggiardo.

Within the framework of the inauguration, the acquisition of 10,000 motorcycles to patrol the streets of the capital was announced, as well as the signing of an agreement with the police to deploy 2,000 operational agents on motorcycles to Metropolitan Lima.

The Criminal Flagrancy Unit, part of the mayor’s government plan Lopez Aliaga, represents a milestone in the fight against impunity. The premises provided by Public Charity to the Judiciary will allow common crimes to be processed quickly, issuing comprehensive sanctions within a maximum period of 72 hours. The module houses the Judicial Branch, Public ministry, National Police and Ministry of Justice in the same space, allowing for more effective and expeditious management of flagrante delicto cases.

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“This Flagrancy Unit is a demonstration that you can work well, with honesty, speed and professionalism. Here there will be speed in justice, the sentence will be issued quickly for cases of flagrancy,” highlighted Mayor López Aliaga.

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