RadioItalia-Ermal Meta and the pride of the mess: “I’ve never turned down a concert!”

Ermal Meta Day, initiative unique of Radio Italia solomusicaitaliana and Corriere della Sera, wants to celebrate the long career of the artist. But what would he say to himself about 20 years ago, when he moved i first steps in music? “The advice I could give him is: keep it up, don’t stop, don’t give up”, Says Ermal da 40enne. “Put in a little less though!”.

Before getting to the success today, in fact, the singer-songwriter has made a long one mess tin: “It’s been a lot of years, but I’ve never turned down a concert”, need in our #atupertu column, even at the cost of making yourself a thousand kilometers in a day. “We went from important stages, such as that of the Heineken Jammin ‘Festival 2010 opening at Aerosmith, to play in front of 20 people the next day in a small bar“. Therefore, reiterates with pride: “I am proud to say that, during the years of my apprenticeship, I have never turned down a concert, ever!”.

This philosophy has brought him where he is today, down to the last big one concerto at the Stadium from Tirana, in Albany. Looking back, Ermal dice: “In the dreams of all musicians there is necessarily that of playing in a stadium, in large spaces, in open spaces … I honestly have never thought of spaces themselves. What I’ve always wanted is to make music, to be able to do it in the best possible way and really do it wherever I had the opportunity”.

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Remaining at the here I’m, there are only two days at the return of Ermal Meta with the new single, an exit that was heralded by a curious photography that made his people go crazy “Wolves”: The subject is Ermal, in front of his studio of registration, at 2.20 at night. “It’s the photo from the security camera. You can also see the time, but in reality we left the studio at 3:30 am!“He told our microphones, commenting the image you can see in the video below. “It was just a moment of pause, we got out to get some air. That day I had just finished auditioning ‘Milano does not exist’, which is my new single”.

Radio Italia solomusicaitaliana, official media partner of the Italian national football team, also accompanied Ermal Meta last summer, at theOlimpico from Roma, to see the Azzurri a Euro 2020. Precisely to them, who are now in the playoffs to qualify for the World Cup, the singer launched a message: “We have to do it, as European Champions we have to go to the World Cup! So, see what you guys have to do … good luck!”.

In closing, a reference to the whole story linked to could not be missing Facebook it’s at Mark Zuckerberg, who decided to rename his company and turn it into … Meta. “I have received hundreds of messages, all more or less bearing the same meme“, He explained recalling the day ofannouncement by the American tycoon. In the video #open also find the photomontage, with Ermal as Mark, who immediately went mad Network: “After a while he was no longer funny. The first time, however, I must admit, it made a lot of laugh!“, he said. The thing curious is that now, opening social networks like WhatsApp, Instagram O Facebook, the writing “Meta”: “It’s weird, I see my last name, but absolutely nothing has changed for me”, Concluded the artist.

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