Radio 3 concerts – Nauci Gold

Gold category He is a Canarian artist who combines his cultural heritage with the influences acquired over the years living far from his land. His experiences in Los Angeles, London or Barcelona, ​​cities where he has been trained as a musician, have marked his artistic proposal. ‘Lowlights’ is the first LP presented by Nauci Gold, an album that could be understood as a step forward in confirming the sound that he presented to us on his first EP, ‘Roots’. The proposal is the same, a soul / nu soul mixed with ethnic elements and synths, but this time taking a step forward with a less timid sound than its predecessor, which delves further and fearlessly into the sound world created by Nauci Gold. In this new album, the artist also approaches the more alternative r ́n ́b where voice games and polyrhythms play a very important role and where Nauci’s voice is once again the protagonist.

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