Racist remarks by police officers. The two men who filmed the arrest file a complaint and


Their video caused a huge outcry in France. The two men who filmed police officers making racist remarks during an arrest at Ile-Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis), on the night of April 25 to 26, in turn complained to the Bobigny’s attorney, reports The Parisian. The videographers indeed claim to be under pressure from the police since the controversy rages.

“A significant prejudice of anxiety and anxiety”

Agent Twitter launches video on Twitter posted by journalist Taha Bouhafs “A bicot like that doesn’t swim”, causing laughter from colleagues. “Haha it’s leaking, you should have hung a ball on your foot”, we also hear, suggesting that the agents removed the suspect from the nearby Seine.

“My clients are victims, assures the lawyer of the complainants, Me Arié Alimi, quoted by the newspaper. They were scared to death when they shot this video, and since then they have suffered a great deal of anxiety and anxiety. ”. The two Dyonisians claim to have noticed a police car drive past their home several times since the facts.

The two men heard by the IGPN

The IGPN has launched an investigation into this arrest. The two videographers were heard as witnesses on Tuesday by the police, in the presence of their lawyer.

Me Arié Alimi also requests the divestiture of the Nanterre parquet in favor of that of Bobigny. “It is the place of the commission of the facts that determines the competence of the prosecution. However, in this specific case, the man who sought to escape the police was drafted in Seine-Saint-Denis, explains the lawyer. And it was still in Seine-Saint-Denis that he was insulted and subjected to violence in the police van “.

The League for Human Rights (LDH) and SOS Racisme have also filed a complaint after the broadcast of this video.


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