Racing Point explains the breakdown of Nico Hülkenberg


Nico Hülkenberg’s return to F1 was not what he had hoped for as the German driver was forced to retire even before he could line up on the starting grid for the British Grand Prix.

It was the first twist of this race (in which we will have to wait for the last laps to find a little more excitement), the non-start of Nico Hülkenberg, the replacement for Sergio Pérez. Racing Point boss Otmar Szafnauer has confirmed that a sheared bolt in his engine block was the reason Nico Hülkenberg did not start at the British Grand Prix.

Nico Hülkenberg goes crazy

“It looks like a sheared bolt in the clutch housing and this bolt got stuck and therefore wouldn’t allow the internal combustion engine to run. So when that bolt fell off it got stuck and we couldn’t not get it “, said Otmar Szafnaeur. “I think it’s a little early to figure out why, but it’s been drastic, so it could be a hardware issue, it could be an excessive torque issue.”

“I don’t know, I’m sure all of these bolts are tightened to a certain specification. If possibly one of the torque wrenches just isn’t good and you over-tighten them, it could give that result. be a big problem in manufacturing. Is it a fragile part, is it the material that is brittle? I don’t know. So we’ll have to figure out the cause and make sure we fix it. “

Nico Hülkenberg who has had a completely crazy weekend would have needed this rolling during the race to possibly be better prepared for the second race next weekend, if however it is confirmed, there is a good chance that it will be the case. The German pilot will be able to prepare better and in particular to work the muscles of his neck, which mainly caused him pain.

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