Rabota.ru: every fifth Russian believes that self-taught achieve success in IT

The Rabota.ru service conducted a study and found out whether a specialized education is needed to build a successful career in IT and where it is best to study as an IT specialist, according to Russian residents. More than 3,000 service users from all regions of the country took part in the survey.

The majority of respondents in Russia (58%) believe that in order to build a successful career in any field, including IT, it is necessary to have a higher education. Every fifth (21%) believes that self-taught people achieve success.

Another 13% of respondents are sure that for a successful career in IT, it is enough to get an education in one of the online universities, and 8% are sure that it is enough to complete courses in a few weeks.

Almost half of the respondents (45%) are sure that it is best to study as an IT specialist in Russian universities. 22% of respondents believe that the necessary skills can be obtained from classes with an experienced mentor.

At the same time, 13% of the study participants believe that it is preferable to study for an IT specialty at a foreign university. Every tenth respondent believes that it is possible to study IT at an online university, and 4% noted that a specialty can be obtained by studying at home using training materials.

In the “Other” option, users most often noted that the place of study is not as important as practice and desire.

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Evgeny Bobkov, Product Director of Rabota.ru, said: “Self-education and constant practice play a big role in building a successful career in IT. This industry is developing at a rapid pace, it is important to keep up with its changes and acquire relevant skills in time. On the website and in the Rabota.ru mobile app, we created the Professions section, where we collected information about the most promising specialties and current courses that will help not only develop existing skills, but also learn new professions from scratch.”

Rabota.ru is a job search and recruitment service. More than 21.2 million resumes are posted on the service, more than 810 thousand employers are registered and about 200 thousand vacancies are published every month.

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