quick overnight bread box idea: chia berry overnight oats

Ohhhhhh, berries – raspberries this time! People! A super quick and delicious recipe for kindergarten, school or on the go! These overnight oats are a very rich, fiber-rich and time-saving bread box idea at the same time! Because the refrigerator regulates everything overnight again!

Let’s go to recipe and the associated Preparatory-, Retention– and Packing tips. The geht’s!

Die Beerige Brotboxidee: Chia-Beeren-Overnight Oats

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Guys, the last bread box idea before my e-book was released! I can not believe it!

And this recipe combines everything that this e-book contains!

In the course of my eBook survey on Instagram, what happens when packing the bread box biggest challenge for you, you wrote me that you always want to try out recipes, but then you do it doesn’t come to that, it messes up, or not all of the ingredients are there.

This is a recipe that you the Ingredients always in the pantry and because of long good shelf life in Refrigerate or frozen the berries in the freezer could have. In my E-book “Colorful through the bread box year” I’ll give you a list with you 35 basic ingredientsthat you can always have at home to make it easier for you to prepare recipes and to pack lunch boxes! You get this on top as Spickzettel to tick. So you can hang it on the pantry and always tick what needs to be taken care of.

I also give you with every recipe Tips and Trickshow you what Replace ingredients can.
Are you not familiar with overnight oats made exclusively from chia seeds and coconut flakes? then replaced you through these components Oatmeal, flaxseed or similar. The top layer is a Fruit puree. If your child doesn’t like raspberries at all, then you replace the contents of the puree according to your mood.

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This recipe is so fitting to show that it is at all no for kindergarten and transportation there are unsuitable recipes or bread box ideas, but just the wrong one Transportation option ???? There are always practical options for this too Tips in the e-book.

An equally big topic is that morning stress and the hustle and bustle that arises when packing bread boxes. With this recipe there is no stress in the morning, because you just mix everything up in the evening and put it in the cans in the fridge overnight.
Just pack it in your backpack in the morning. Finished. Whoop! Whoop!

And there’s a wonderful seasonal recipe that fits in so well with my current topic: seasonal bread box ideas and recipes! Because that is by far your biggest challenge when packing bread boxes. I was so flashed by all the countless messages in which you described to me how important it is to you not to always pack the same thing in the bread box and finally Variety and variety bring in.
By a seasonal You automatically bring variety to your diet in the bread box and the kids always try something new!

This recipe combines all of these!


The kids love berries and a mix of chia seeds and coconut drinks. Just have a look at a well-stocked grocery store or even in the health food store or weekly market to see which ones Berries from the region come, so they also have season and theirs optimal state of maturity reached. A wonderful aroma!

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This recipe is ideal for those cold days in winter. Freeze the regional berryn simply add it in portions over the next few weeks! This is how you made the berry season a little more durable ????

This bread box idea is:

  • healthy
  • delivers a good portion of fruit
  • time-saving
  • variable in the ingredients of the chia seed coconut mass
  • a highlight for the kids because they love berry yoghurts like this
  • no added sugar
  • fast and easy

Mega delicious.

And just stir everything together and put in the fridge. Finished! Whoop, whoop!


Beeren-Chiasamen-Overnight Oats

Preparation time 2 Hour

working hours 5 Min.

  • 20 g Chiasamen
  • 20 g The coconut flock
  • 150 g Coconut drink
  • 1 TL honey
  • 60 g Raspberries
  • 50 g yogurt

Keyword Chiasamen, Erdbeeren, Himbeeren, Overnight Oats


Actually, this could also be a basic recipe: It is so versatile! Feel free to learn what you and your child like. You can basically replace the berries with any or seasonal fruit.
And if you don’t have a coconut drink or desiccated coconut at home, this one will help you Ingredients Swap Cheat Sheet always on. Download it for free HERE down.


  • Set of 3 leak-proof, round food storage containers (200 – 700 ml)
  • high quality & tested food grade stainless steel
  • leak-proof thanks to harmless silicone rings
  • BPA free
  • dishwasher safe
  • Dimensions: Ø = 8-12 cm, H = 5-7 cm

An absolute heart recommendation! We use these parts up and down! They are perfect for muesli, yoghurt, overnight oats and pancakes and Co. For us parents, they are also ideal for lunch snacks and salads. Real all-rounders, these 3 cans!

I always prepare this idea for seasonal bread box recipes for children on Sunday evenings.



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